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Video of double skeining thread transmits the advantage in systematic project
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In whole supervisory system, the transmission of video image is very important segment. The medium that uses transmission image signal basically has coaxial cable, fiber-optic with double skeining thread. As a result of the character of coaxial cable oneself, the attenuation that when be transmitted inside coaxial cable when video signal its get and the frequency of transmission distance and signal itself are concerned. Video signal is transmitted inside coaxial cable when not only signal whole extent gets damply, and attenuation of each frequency heft differs very big, especially colour part attenuation is the biggest, because this coaxial cable agrees with only,transmit the video that the distance controls 200 meters.

Fiber-optic be to solve remote video to signal is transmitted and be used. Because price of fiber-optic whole transmission system is too high, fiber-optic laid, join needs special device, and installation debugs difficulty, breakdown searchs hard, attaint is not easy the blemish such as maintenance, be transmitted to video of close quarters of 3000 meters of less than and character, fiber-optic not be a very good choice seeks a kind of economy, transmission quality the solution with tall, transmission far distance is very necessary. Limited company of electron of Nantong city wisdom brave is planted according to this circumstance, combine abroad in recent years the development current that video frequency and data transmit, development goes frequency of video of double skeining thread and data to transmit equipment, can apply double skeining thread in monitoring transmission system, solved the difficult problem above well, be sure to be used in great quantities in the supervisory system henceforth.

In a lot of industry control system is counteracted double skeining thread was used in disturbing bigger room to transmit, for example the phone is transmitted those who use is double skeining thread, the local area network that we use extensively today also is to use double skeining thread. Double skeining thread is used so extensive, because it has interference rejection capacity,be strong, transmission distance far, wiring easy, price is low wait for a lot of advantages. Because double skeining thread also is put in the attenuation with bigger move to signal, when transmission distance is so far, the frequency of signal cannot too tall, and for instance aether net can restrict high speed signal only in 100m less than. To video signal, bandwidth achieves 6MHz, if be transmitted inside double skeining thread directly, also meet attenuation is very big, want to come true on double skeining thread because of this video signal remote transmit, must have enlarge and compensation, double skeining thread transmits equipment to fulfil this kind of function namely. After Jiashangyi sends and receive equipment to double skeining thread, can transmit image 1 to 2km, if use relay means, OK still twice adds transmission space, and, the quality of transmission image can be rivalled with smooth end chance (if close quarters double skeining thread is inspected / frequency transmission equipment adds authority to believe a confusion of voices to compare ≥ 60dB, differential gain ≤ 2% , differential and phasic ≤ 2 ° ) . Price of transmission equipment of double skeining thread and double skeining thread is very cheap, not only did not raise systematic cost, instead when the distance increases its cost and coaxial cable photograph are compared dropped a lot of. So, double skeining thread uses to undertake transmission having clear advantage in supervisory system:
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