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Double skeining thread is transmitted implement the note in construction process
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One, choose 5 kinds please or the blame screen double skeining thread of 5 kinds of above, wire cable category is taller, transmission effect is better. Double skeining thread of 5 kinds of screen (STP CAT5 24AWG) special situation can wait in interference of a few strong electromagnetism next use, but can shorten transmission distance. 3, double skeining thread of screen of 4 kinds of blame also can be used, but image effect, transmission distance and interference rejection function drop. Want to use an environment according to what differ, choose different wire cable, wait like cable of waterline of cable of indoor wire cable, the wire outdoor, block.

2, cannot rise two pairs of lines of double skeining thread use.

3, the sky beyond in reticle need not reticle (if used reticle,transmit signal 2 pairs medium, 2 pairs more than reserve) ground connection, can receive the ground in computer room or machine ark to go up.

4, should use from the bridge of tap receives kind one after another among double skeining thread, must be opposite this redundant wire cable disconnects at the back of the line, and ground connection of sky beyond reticle (on the pickup camera land that can receive advanced end) .

5, when joining each other between reticle, according to color one to one correspondence, be together with iron solder, had wrapped with insulating tape outside, prevent short circuit; Be like the join outdoor, want to had done waterproof processing.

6, in transmit, should use the double skeining thread that is not screen, in order to achieve optimal transmission result. Because distributinging capacitance exists between screen double skeining thread, have certain effect to balancing signal to transmit, more serious area or thunder are disturbed in electromagnetism more area, can use screen double skeining thread.

7, when construction wiring, but line, as coaxial as network of common line, computer cable, fiber-optic transmit together; But avoid to be transmitted together with high-power power supply cord as far as possible.

8, do not suggest the user uses blame double skeining thread commonly (like power supply cord of parallel line, RVV) , as what do not have method method also can pass parallel to transmit, we had transmitted 1000 meters through the power supply cord of RNN2*1.0, the effect is OK still, but interference rejection sex dare not assure.

9, can use one box line to come imitate is true environment. One box line is controlled for 300 meters commonly, can become 300 meters repeatedly respectively, 600 meters, 900 meters, 1200 meters (one shares 4 pairs of routes, the 1200 meters longest, if grow again,require two box line) .

10, shorter cable; is used on the part of part of emitter join camera or supervisory equipment of receiver join back end to prevent be struck by lightning, of catapult should as far as possible ground wire (be less than 8 ohm) .
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