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VGA video is lengthened implement the dominant position that uses in systematic
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As the project, domestic movie theater uses big screen (plasma, the back is cast etc) increasing, the definition with huge screen higher demand, signal of common TV TV already short of requirement, and of the network popularize the film resource that makes report good to get more easily. Combine the high definition of computer VGA video, the big screen that many people raise to use domestic movie theater broadcasts the movie that downloads above computer, the high-definition clear video that uses computer VGA sees big. All sorts of monitoring, information issues the requirement that waited for a project to also put forward VGA video to transmit. The standard of VGA video transmitted a distance to often restrict this idea.

Transmit a problem to solve the VGA above the project, VGA signal amplifier begins to appear, it uses enlarge principle, it is transmission medium with cable of VGA video wire, can transmit the VGA video signal of computer about a hundred meters. But the flaw that subsequently people discovers it, wire of Sunday run VGA thick hard, find not easily, need to have something made to order to the factory, wiring is very disadvantageous, VGA head gives an issue very easily also when solder. Itself of VGA wire wire decides its interference rejection is poor, as the addition of the distance, a few not be very strong interference also becomes powerful inside the wire of Sunday run originally, some amplifier will disturb signal to also magnify together, bring about some experiments environment to issue can successful and actual project to do finish to do not have method application at all, cause the huge loss of do poorly done work over again. Transmit medium problem to solve these, new technology and idea emerge as the times require, one kind uses common reticle (double skeining thread) the VGA video that is transmission medium is lengthened implement become the parvenu that at present VGA video transmits a technology.

Should transmit means to use a transmitter one closes accept implement, transmitter undertakes VGA video signal coding afresh dividing signal technology in order to differ to be in be transmitted above reticle, to far end receiver decipher is reductive into VGA. Because the wire character of reticle is high frequency attenuation is big, the reductive compensation technique of back end receiver is very main. Technical divisions manage is bad to can color rendition effect is differred, pull the issue such as end double image. Many products are used classification the switch dialing a code of section will adjust (a lot of products of Taiwan and mainland are used similar technology) , idea of this kind of design is first-rate, but the reticle mass that when be being used actually, often employs as a result of project business is different, spot environment is different, this kind of means can not achieve the goal that adjusts accurately, when the user is used special also trouble.

VGA video is lengthened implement the performance of interference rejection of itself of the technology that need branch that it uses is strong, manage plus a few technical divisions, interference rejection sex gets rising greatly. Although worst power plant is strong,environment of electric strong magnetism can use it to come video of Sunday run transmission VGA. Interference rejection sex is the main index that assures project quality, the interference rejection sex that how assures a product shows the level of the staff of research and development that designs circuit. Effect of distinct product interference rejection is different, conditional user had better do interference test first when selecting a product, the user that does not have a condition perhaps had better compare spot worse in the spot checked to finalize the design again below the circumstance choose and buy. Such ability make sure project quality gets Party A approbate, make sure bilateral cooperation is cheerful.
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