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Video of double skeining thread is used to transmit in monitoring project implem
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In supervisory system, the transmission of monitoring image is a of whole system crucial link, why is the choice planted deferent image and other control medium and device the quality that signal will matter to supervisory system directly and dependability. Current, the medium that uses transmission image signal in supervisory system basically has coaxial cable, double skeining thread and fiber-optic, corresponding transmission equipment is video of coaxial video magnifier, double skeining thread respectively transmit implement He Guangduan machine.

Coaxial cable is earlier use, also be the transmission way with use the longest time. Later, as a result of remote the demand of the need that resembles monitoring with large range chart and people to monitoring picture quality rises, a large number of making that consumed fine will transmit image signal begin in monitoring network. Be being used as to double skeining thread is latter job in image monitoring network, its occurrence basically solved the problem of two respects well: On one hand, it solved 200 meters to be apart from the problem that signal of image of the high quality inside limits transmits to 2000 meters, because be inside limits of this paragraph of distance,coaxial cable transmits the case that using amplifier to fall to achieve a requirement hard, and magnifier of use coaxial video and fiber-optic transmit appear again not quite economy; On the other hand, it was solved large-scale concentrated model the wiring problem of monitoring network, the dimension of oneself of double skeining thread and plasticity overcame the wiring difficult problem when using coaxial cable in great quantities. Of course, double skeining thread still has interference rejection capacity strong, low-cost wait for an advantage. Because double skeining thread solved these problems that puzzling people for a long time well, so it caused the attention with wide industry instantly in the application of monitoring network, had been used in great quantities inside shorter time in project practice, and obtained very good application positive result.

Every monitoring project has the characteristic of its oneself and specialty, the need when establishing monitoring network accordingly is mature these particular cases, choose most right image and signal to transmit means. Mix in view of coaxial cable, double skeining thread fiber-optic it is current 3 the widest kinds of transmission medium are used in supervisory system, we can be made to them from a few respects a few analysises and quite.
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