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How to get better video signal cause?
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The quality stand or fall of signal source has the reason of a few respects:

Computer itself signal is bad

The problem with jotter occurrence bad signal is most. As a result of the problem of power supply or other side, the parameter such as the output voltage of computer VGA signal often not standard, the examination that encounters this kind of problem and means of settlement are very simple, change a computer (table machine) OK.

  The system controls in (or VGA alloter) bandwidth is insufficient

Alloter of sham VGA video also is very much above the market. Suggest everybody chooses the product source that manufacturer matchs or the letter must cross commonly, notice the product is nominal bandwidth must tall, had better be in 250M above. Of this kind of problem discriminating method is: Lead plane of direct link computer (perhaps change a computer tries) , compare image result. Performance of this kind of issue is: Image is unusual slant or slant lubricious colour is very dark, blink did not wait for even image the phenomenon even.

The VGA jumper quality of computer lead plane and transmitter and receiver (far end) the jumper quality with monitor. Of special attention is lead plane and transmitter jumper, the stand or fall of here wire has huge effect to the picture quality from the back.

Guard a pass strictly, to breakdown circuit should have clear platoon to check measure; To the circuitry with image bad result, want to notice to check each link. Especially the problem of source of signal of this kind of itself is the easiest by oversight.

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