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Arrive from VGA signal video signal
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As the development of computer hardware technology and richer and richer software function, the video major equipment with the high price of and so on of the graphical workstation that a common computer already can make favorable balance of trade give alleged before professional applying nowadays, acrobatics animation workstation made program result. But why is common computer made in TV without large-scale application? The key depends on: The video program that the common computer with very good function designs can pass computer monitor only, browse on this machine or network, and the computer equipment that does not have professional video has corresponding video interface. Be being returned this pair now is a very big regret for the people that is TV times.

Actually, should choose an appropriate computer VGA signal to arrive only the converter of video signal, with respect to the equipment resource of the member that can extend TV program producer greatly, play makes the artistic creation of personnel. So, how to choose to satisfy a TV program to design the VGA signal of the requirement to the converter of video signal?

Computer monitor and TV monitor have two significant differences on the technology. It is scanning rate. The computer scans on monitor an image, every second is in horizontal way 24000 arrive 65000 times (or call 24 to 65 kilohertz) , perhaps call refresh frequency to be every second 75 times in the scanning rate of perpendicular direction (75 hertz) or taller. Relative to character, TV scanning is slower, horizontal way about every second 15000, perpendicular direction about every second 60. What the computer image changeover that the function of scanning converter is frequency of will fast scanning is TV technology to go up is slow fast scanning. 2 it is the form that computer monitor and TV receive video signal. Convey to monitor when the computer when an image, video signal is decomposed module of alone red, green, La Hetong pace. TV monitor is the compound video signal that receives an independence. Scanning converter need becomes the encode of many video signal of the computer the video signal that TV can receive. So, want to change computer VGA signal into video signal, pass scanning rate changeover and code with respect to need.

Signal of all computer VGA arrives video signal converter, no matter price discretion, follow same course when changing image. But its difference is the difference on the function not only, come from the difference of the circuit that changes a function at realizing basic scanning however. Low end, medium the difference on the way that end and high-end product are handling image is very big.

Low end the product is sometimes " of software drive " , software drive may be handled with computer image or other application produces conflict. In the meantime, low end the twinkle of the product although filter has also quality is very poor. Popularly, low end scans the resolution of converter is inferior, offer 640 × only 480, a few new model may offer 800 × 600. Low end the computer signal that the product may accept 6.8 million kinds of color, but the picture that changeover gives is fundamental short of is identical the color of deepness. End is changed in implement the twinkle that offers blame software function and improvement eliminates a function, and can offer higher resolution (general meeting arrives 1024 × 768) . Still can offer 24 colour processing, the deepness of the image after meaning changeover and primitive image is same.
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