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Ensure signal nondestructive is transmitted - point of isolator type selecting
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One. In all modular interference controls capacity, isolator advantage precondition.

Isolator is inside particular industry limits, no matter be temperature segregation changes,send implement, signal alloter, segregation matchs electric equipment and electric current, voltage to change send implement etc inside the product, they share a characteristic is absolutely and electric segregation wants between port, namely appearance, power source and collect there are any electric joins between equipment, and should have range of certain segregation compression, this is to solve so-called facility between " the ground " the ability of voltage, (in all modular interference controls capacity) the commonnest model isolator also should have 1500V, electric current of hourglass of 2000V port compression is less than 1mA, just can satisfy situation of domestic numerous industry. Environment of a few strong electric field or aviation, spaceflight is measured accuse a domain to ask the meeting is taller. Company of Paragon(handkerchief Luo Ken) this side of product of series of PA, PR is having particular advantage, product discard tradition keeps apart means, use EMI means, certain product compression already exceeded 5000V, use successfully already for form a complete set of foreign certain manufacturer.

2. Product cost uses electric current and power of the loss when the product works.

Current society is energy-saving environmental protection already was the mainstream that each industry advocates the society, electric home appliances

Isolator of 40mA of a power comsumption is in ● temperature is 25 ℃ , measure in the ark of dimensional 1m2 temperature is 28.7 ℃ ;

The temperature when ● is installed 10 times thick and fast is 35.4 ℃ ;

The temperature when ● is installed 100 times thick and fast is 52.6 ℃ ;

Visible product temperature and amount concern into multiple.
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