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Matrix switch implement the distinction with video alloter
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The concept of matrix cites to count the concept of medium linear algebra high, show the output that there is multichannel below the circumstance that inputs in multichannel chooses commonly, form the matrix structure of next graphs, already each output can input signal with what differ " short receive " , every output can put through only some road input, dan Mou is inputted all the way but (at the same time) put through different output, matrix switch implement the function is will all the way or multichannel inspects frequency signal to transmit respectively or many indication equipment, want like two computer lead plane common a monitor, matrix switch implement switch goes to the content random that can board two computer lead plane to go up with one or more monitor.

Video alloter is different from alloter of cable television branch, one is active, one is passive! Video alloter is to want to undertake video signal magnifying, allocate, the process that magnifies again, that is to say: Video alloter is all the way video signal is divided into multichannel, such you can send different indication end them.

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