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Video switch implement what does main technique index have?
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1. switch scale:

This index points to switch namely implement a movement in martial arts that after inputting a movement in martial arts and switch, outputs. If be the video switch of matrix form implement, can choose switch scale through encode random. If switch scale is fixed, have commonly usedly commonly " 4 anthology one " , " 6 anthology one " etc.

2. segregation spends:

This index is to measure multichannel video signal to input switch implement when going up, between each video signal and the degree that keeps apart between the signal that outputs after they and switch. Use decibel commonly (DB) expresses, this index cost has been jumped over higher.

Differential and DG of 3. differential gain, phasic DP:

Differential gain DG is to point to the lack fidelity degree on extent be been in by the signal before the video signal that outputs after switch and switch. This index value is less, make clear lack fidelity smaller.

Differential and phasic DP is to show the signal before the video signal that is outputted by switch hind and switch is in phasic those who go up is lack fidelity. This index value is less, express to be in phasic on lack fidelity smaller. The video switch that in asking TV surveillance controls a system commonly, uses implement DG ≤ 8% , 8 ° of DP ≤ .

4. inputs n and output n:

Some video switch implement return an input n (or input voltage) with output n (or output voltage) technical index. Inputting n is to point to video switch implement input end is right the requirement that inputs extent of video signal voltage, come for 0.8Vp-p commonly 1.2Vp-p; Outputting n is to point to video switch implement the extent standard that outputs end to output voltage, come for 1Vp-p commonly 1.2Vp-p.

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