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KVM switch implement a few what buy moment to want to notice
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Look from function and respect of join port amount, KVM can be divided for low rank, in rank, high-ranking 3 kinds big. Low rank KVM is simpler, have commonly 2 to 4 join port, can hold at least control two computers, suit individual, SOHO a group of things with common features group application, bodily form is deft, the price is low. In rank the join port number of KVM is about 8 to 16 port, suit the small business under 100 people to use. In rank KVM can span different operating system platform (like PC, Mac, Sun, reach Linux) the job.

KVM is clavier (Keyboard) , monitor (Video) , mouse (Mouse) abbreviate. The core idea of KVM technology is: ü  > Gan of an insect destructive of the roots of seedlings of ⑹ of otter of baric collect  pulls allow wine Jian  of boundless and indistinct washing with watercolors enlighten Li of mother of string of  of collect of obstruct low clear basks in  of thistle of honest of  of remnant of  of ぷ of grave of barium of cough of the sliding weight of a steelyard of Fei of A of Gou of  of Fei Nao abundant having enough archives collect of Biao   .

Use system of switch of KVM lead plane, use namely or count a KVM to be between the much stage lead plane of many different operating systems switch, can come true use a peripheral to visit and operate an above to come the function of thousands of lead plane. The switch that high-ranking KVM points to 32 port above implement, have the character that number of opening of high density, high end and much user operate at the same time, controallable on 1000 lead plane and server, suit large company and IDC data center to wait use. Most and high-ranking KVM all supportable many controller, they can the means such as password of by means of and test and verify will login at the same time with hold accuse, can provide more complex and accurate function. System of switch of KVM lead plane besides KVM fittings, still include switch equipment and all sorts of tailor-made join cable. KVM helps an user manage IDC easily, have economic space, use simple, raise the efficiency, character that manages management, remotely easily.

The user is in switch of KVM of choose and buy implement when, can try to think from the following respects:

Cross platform to be when KVM of choose and buy, must think whether does the product offer complete platform compatibility (double interface of supportive PS/2 and USB, and a variety of platform such as PC, Mac, Sun) , and have independence mix at different hardware, operating system the compatible capacity that uses a program.

The change of expansibility information world is very fast, still popularizing center of dispersive type data before one year, changed integrated type center below one year. Purchase a budget as technical change and constrictive IT, flexibility is changed what had seized central government into amount to is important think element. When choosing KVM plan so, must evaluate whether can offer the all-around product line, biggest the expanding, much platform that change supports power, and close quarters and option of long-range join visit.
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