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KVM computer switch implement guideline of culminating choose and buy
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Of the Information Industry change quickly created a kind of new trade pattern: Certain rank backstage skill greatly originally, mix because of technical gradual progress however of market demand drive, make its make the central point that the Information Industry fixes eyes upon quickly, march toward the heartland of IT market then. The switch of KVM much computer that shines brilliantly nearly two years in global market implement it is an apparent example. In fact, it is early more than 10 years ago, KVM already applied in domain of each computer, communication, network widely, but however all the time ground of unknown to public is acting ordinary periphery unit part. However, as IP network arisen, KVM switch implement cast off wire cable length manacle, make its application appears new style and features, develop infuse for future the activator with puissant potion.

In addition, data center (Internet Data Center) patulous, also drove what KVM applies to gain ground. Below the assistance of KVM, can manage many server not only, reduce data center to be opposite the demand of electric power and space, at the same time the cost of cable of cut also wire removes the complex issue that place of wire cable laid brings.

According to VDC (Venture Development Corp of professional market research organization. ) point out, the element also drove integral KVM market related a lot of economy grow, for example:

. The enterprise expands fundamental construction cloth is built, for example long-range office, branch

. Star of completely beautiful money pop chart of 5000 big companies (Fortune 5, 000) the sex that cross a state is outspread

. The company raises IT to invest in order to take an active part in the whole world appoint outside the economy that tide place drives grows

. Integral IT defray from low those who confuse 2001 reach sole rebounded 2002

In the report that VDC publishs at the beginning of 2004 more point out KVM market is in the period that takes off quickly, its are compound long rate of the year's harvest (CAGR) will maintain to 2006 in 15 % above. As global KVM switch implement application begins to develop flourishingly, the rate of KVM product and technical get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh is rapidder and rapidder also, not only diversification of line of the products- - from family, medium and small businesses, to the large company computer room that has on 1000 servers, arrive all the time cross country and lead plane to govern on somebody's behalf the different utility such as data center and grade, its price, function, characteristic, technology also arrives more countless, accordingly, the information system branch that hopes to invest KVM product and systematic conformity business, should wait for the principle of choose and buy of class KVM item characteristics to differring, and the considers to have clarity mainly idea when undertaking computer room cloth is built, decide to buy the product of what type again then.
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