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Dong Shuo
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Ask 1: Why should use KVM switch implement?

Answer 1: Switch of KVM of Dong Shuo electron implement it is clavier / screen / mouse (KEYBOARD/VGA/MOUSE) switch implement. Offer you to use a group of keyboard on his desktop / screen / mouse, from central Control Panel (CONSOL) operates much station computer, and by is strung together receive most controallable 128 computers, need to choose key or hot key with simple face plate only (HOT KEY) , or interface of the person that clear screen window is used, password safety defends set, make you smooth between a snap of the fingers run interconnected system of all computer science department effectively.

Ask 2: Switch implement what does sort have?

Answer 2: Press equipment design: Machinery and electron
Install means: Table and machine posture

Ask 3: What is KVM switch implement?

Answer 3: KVM switch implement a lot of advantage special clearly, have lead plane of two above computer or server when you when, and you will pass monitor of mouse of a clavier to control and operate these lead plane, you can imagine, need not need again beautiful money buys video of mouse of so many clavier, you are OK central control manages much station computer, and workstation of the person that workstation of the person that use what do not require a labor by changes another to use.
In addition, OK still and economic air conditioning, the sources of energy use up; to save; of cost of frame, furniture and floor space.

Ask 4: KVM switch implement can you satisfy my application?

Answer 4: KVM switch implement apply at normally or the environment of computer of much stand of many manager government, or it is a person that use must be operated 2 or the environment of much station computer, include a network to handle computer room of center, information center, server, software much station computer is installed at the same time on local area network of lab of development, test, service center, branch and desktop.

The KVM switch of the mode of operation that accords with you implement the productivity that can offer is add value, what Yuan Chao crosses space, hardware and furniture is economic.
But, unless you decide what what choose " solution " won't bring about new issue, do not believe all assurance please otherwise, search the operation demand conform to with you please, and but relaxed and economic ground augment, upgrade the KVM switch that reachs new configuration implement, choice no matter your hardware is combined why, the switch that has the job faultlessly implement.

Ask 5: The computer of what type can you control?

Answer 5: When your computer configuration increases increasingly, may need the KVM switch in you implement in mix use different hardware and software platform.
Choose but as compatible as all systems solution, for example, no matter what hardware, operating system and application software are,search, spendable KVM switch implement, no matter what you use is equipment of ASCII of PC, Sun, Maijinda, Digital Alpha, RS/6000, HP9000, SGI, serial or USB computer, run any operating systems, include Windows, Windows/NT, Novell, UNIX or it is LINUX.
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