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The interference of signal of big screen video reachs a means of settlement
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The generation of interference

1, the interference of front power source: The frequency conversion electric machinery of elevator, the high-power electric machinery of the factory, transformer substation.

2, the interference of transmission process: Basically be electromagnetic wave interference, wait like station of broadcast broadcasting station, telecommunication radical, interference of the interference that still cable attaint is caused and ground voltage.

3, terminal unit interference: The interference that basically is generation of facility power source and join bring the interference that remove.

The means of settlement of interference

1, the generation place that judges interference first, have from front examination camera first jam-free, if have, it is to pass what power source goes in commonly (can use test and verify of power supply of 12V storage battery first whether electrical interference) , can use switch power source to give camera power supply, also can install communication filter to have filter wave, can solve commonly;

2, if arise through transmitting a process, check the link of video line above all, screen net has wait for a circumstance without damaged, can consider to choose interference rejection additionally implement, current, the interference rejection of the market implement fundamental has 2 kinds, one kind is video base band signature makes 38MHZ or taller frequency, escape disturbs frequency, its effect is OK, but if encountering interference frequency and 38MHZ to be close to, that does not have method; Another kind is to use the method that has video signal extent promotes enlarge in front, undertake compression in terminal again, because the extent of interference signal is changeless, corresponding interference signal also was compressed, this is the interference rejection method of a kind of wide chart, but interference has certain remain, the effect of interference rejection depends on the extent that video signal magnifies and the position that disturb signal, extent jumps over big, interference to stand by front more, the effect of interference rejection is better.

3, if used interference rejection implement the effect is not apparent, it is terminal likely (computer room) the interference that cause, such need examine the aspect such as join, power source, ground connection and equipment itself problem.

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