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The matrix switch in phonic video project implement installation
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Phonic video project is built in intelligence, multimedia conference system, attemper command system, in waiting for a project, digitlization city gets popular extensively. Phonic video project includes the computer, projector, large indication unit, DVD, camera, television, the equipment such as network switching equipment. Small-sized project has a few to cover equipment, large project know exactly about sth covers equipment 100 times. Make so numerous equipment part a system is by no means easy thing. Taller to the quality requirement of the construction personnel of phonic video project.

Matrix switch implement the core component in regarding phonic video as the project, central nervous, get the attention of project technology personnel, debug to the system from installation, all without exception around matrix switch implement undertake.

Press signal property, matrix switch implement can classify:

AV matrix is imitate equipment;
VGA matrix is a number / imitate mixes equipment;
DVI matrix is digital facilities.

Had used these matrix, want to notice the following:

1. In phonic video project, digital facilities and imitate equipment should are far from by outfit, avoid digital facilities to affect imitate facility. To the influence of frequency part expression cries for howl, murmur. To the interference of video part expression has clutter for image.

2. Digital ground, imitate ground, want to connect with housing ground respectively. Signal ground and screen ground cannot be received together commonly. For example cable of wire of VGA3 4 core has inside and outside two screen. Screen is the imitate signal ground of screen RGB line inside, should be linked together with signal ground; Screen is outside most a outside, should reach crust ground repeatedly.

3. Ground of digital power source and ground of imitate power source cannot nearby interrelates. Part of one's job fastens join, connect with the earth again next.

4. When matrix receives different input to export equipment, whole system wants in all. Avoid voltage of ground of the generation between equipment, make system of whole tone video cannot work normally.

5. Matrix switch implement the transmit switch equipment that is signal high fidelity, without signal attenuation and enlarge function, if signal needs attenuation or with enlarge, want to add equipment additionally. Project of video of a sound is about to consider signal is remote when the design the attenuation of the image when transmitting and drive problem. In avoiding construction, add equipment temporarily, reduced systematic performance, raised cost, just increase the burden of manpower financial capacity to user and construction.

6. Homebred matrix switch implement had reached broadcast grade level, letter a confusion of voices is compared very tall, equipment itself does not produce frequency noise and video noise. What the key considers in the programme of construction is considerate.
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