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How low cost upgrades traditional KVM system
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The advantage of KVM system

KVM(clavier, monitor, mouse) it is a kind of switch that is based on imitate signal and IP network implement, had developed to regard foundation of data center network as the framework nowadays compositive partially.


The functional characteristic of KVM:
1, avoid to use reduplicative hardware device
KVM technology can come true through simple clavier, monitor, mouse, IT user is received visit workstation with control server and network equipment, avoid to install a few needless hardware, increase the dimensional content of the server thereby.
2, the function is handled outside powerful belt (OOB)
KVM technology is on the foundation that is based on hardware equipment, the function is handled outside having powerful area (OOB) . Compare with simple software system look, software system basically is onefold move, and KVM IP system can receive BIOS bus line directly and control long-range server and device. Although the operating system is become machine, system of a backup management still can assure the administration of the management of central data and network manager. Current, KVM is faced with receive data and application to grow ceaselessly, the increase sharply of server amount, the fight of the dimensional government that the server has limitative resource and the amount that taller and taller commerce asks to cause KVM and data center server grows in intensity. The books amount navigation that cannot be constant growth with respect to backward like a reading room management system is same, need of center of a data has central management system of the organization, the centralized management that finish, attestation and framework these equipment. If not be such, the output port that more and more KVM equipment can cause a system only is cut with efficiency low.

Centralized KVM runs a system
Of the server fracture surface of the each district that KVM management platform can assure a company in the center of a whole world receive, and the join of photograph of KVM IP equipment of every equipment and corresponding this locality. These long-range hardware equipment focus management through an unit, offer globalization, sth resembling a net of safe earth mat is received with control. Because this one good KVM manages platform to be able to solve the problem with a lot of contemporary server spaces and data inherent center, be like: Return on the market put the systematic breach issue that is in a lot of is to was not solved generally.

1, system of management of a few KVM still can run the KVM IP switch that has a brand oneself only implement with equipment, and the need that store as information and applies, the branch related a few IT needs to use new-style switch implement. After this means a few years, the KVM switch that a few companies will face different type implement cannot hope like the company with equipment in that way, in the data center that collective consist in runs a system one set. And when client need centralized system runs a system when, manufacturer has the KVM switch the system previously only implement throw away with equipment.
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