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Middling of transmission system construction sees the problem is analysed
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The image faintness that because transmit a frequency character of the system to reach group of delay time character,causes, pull the phenomenon such as end, offerred corresponding solution. This period basically discuss the following issues: 1, because processing of ground wire of systematic power source is undeserved,the low frequency that cause is disturbed; 2, the high frequency interference that causes as a result of environmental electromagnetism interference and equipment self-excitation; 3, as a result of equipment or transmission system or receive the impedance such as plug-in unit not to match the double image reflex that cause to reach show not stable etc.

1, because processing of ground wire of systematic power source is undeserved,the cent of low frequency interference that cause is 3 kinds:

One. Because switch power source is caused,be not in all;
2 it is equipment signal joiningly line contact is undesirable;
3 because wiring construction is medium,be, 0, disorder of fire, ground wire causes not in all. Give respectively below specification.

Cause as a result of switch power source not in all:

The place in the project uses device now, the majority is to use switch power source, each other are segregation is in when high frequency transformation, even if imitate power source, cosmopolitan use segregation transformer, without public end, with respect to equipment itself character, signal ground wire is independent, perhaps say to there is a relation between the signal ground wire between equipment.

Because voltage can be formed between the signal ground between this equipment, namely voltage. This voltage may arrive in a few bend over more than 100 bend over, can appear even sometimes the circumstance that the housing between two equipment discharges. Equipment signal is when join, pass matrix switch for example implement, because there is voltage between signal ground, form electric current necessarily, and if this electric current does not have release way, can undertake circumfluence through signal passageway, such meetings take the wave motion of power source ground wire or signal ground wire into signal passageway, form interference. Especially when grow in quantity of signal a movement in martial arts, each other the voltage between is different, the impact will be bigger. Common phenomenon is the raceway of occurrence low frequency, be like by go up to fall, or by the raceway of light and shade that falls to go up, the frequency of scroll is inferior, the frequency that it is labour or under labour frequency (because difference pats the) that cause, or the image light and shade that is inferior frequency changes, settlement program is to ask the protective ground of all and relevant equipment must connect, and it is same a protective ground, such although there is voltage between the signal ground of equipment when, also can have release through protecting the land, and won't affect signal itself. When because this is in,choosing equipment, must consider its power supply cord receive a standard, if do not have protective ground (second line makes) , in applying possibly, the issue can give in older system especially, the power source ground wire that is equipment again brings a foot to must not be destroyed. In trying to transmit a process in signal namely additionally, undertake keeping apart transmission, if use,be fiber-optic transmit etc, in order to solve in all problem, often can use after this kind of application, and will be henceforth develop way.
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