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Careless cereal Indigo
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A few days ago, on the InfoComm 2007 that holds in American California, blender of careless cereal Indigo AV is had the honor to win " Rental&Staging Systems " magazine and the award of optimal control product that precede InfoComm International of guild of professional seeing and hearing is issued, this award the year AV in InfoComm is issued on prize-giving celebration.

Indigo AV blender takes broadcast video control into domain of much format major first. This first detector supports imitate and digital signal, supportive mark Qing Dynasty and high-definition inspect frequency to input (in including SDI and DV to flow embedded frequency) , support input of high resolution computer. Indigo returns those who allow all sorts of input resolution to upgrade with mix, can output a variety of format signal at the same time, include monitor of OK and direct drive, bioscope and the DVI that can undertake the number is recorded (signal of video of seesaw pattern number) with SDI signal.

The function that with broadcast appearance of stage of the switch that make matchs has E-MEM effect memory, DVE (digital video effect) , the picture in realizing a large number of pictures is statified the key of the effect accuses implement, the colour that inputs signal to every is corrective function, right signal undertakes folding changing with delimit change (with the input resolution. With video switch implement of form a complete set is one frequency first detector, sound control fader of mechanization of equipment of this mixing appliance, can a variety of frequency signal, frequency abides by mixing video (frequency is automatic the choice attenuation according to the picture) and the automation frequency delay that is used at suiting video to handle.

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