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Heart state apparatus (Texas Instruments, TI) releases models of a series of 4 passageways number to draft converter, will beat not only decrease to 0.15nV-s, still include drift of temperature of ℃ of a 2ppm/ and the 2.5V voltage of 0.02% initiative accuracy to consult. These multipurpose 16, 14 have the advantage such as report of much passageway efficiency, pinpoint accuracy, low cost and choiceness bulk with 12 chip, suit industrial procedure control, data to pick take and in the application such as the instrument can carry system of type much passageway.

16 DAC8564/65 is to offer ± 0.5LSB poor cent is nonlinear error (DNL) and ± 4LSB integral are nonlinear error (the pinpoint accuracy component of INL) , 14 DAC8164/65 and 12 DAC7564/65 offer ± 1LSB opposite definition. They still provide the low cost electricity that exceeds 3V (only of 2.9mW) and 5V close machine mode (1.3 μ A) , lengthen the battery that can carry type application to use time.

The DAC8560 that TI of farther aggrandizement of DAC8564 and DAC8565 rolled out a few days ago and DAC855x product line, provide revolutionary efficiency not only, still output the code instantaneous voltage to be decreased to the code least. This kind exceeds low voltage to beat can solve the instantaneous voltage problem with digital imitate common converter, harmonic appears when preventing to arise to shut return system oscillation or produce weaveform lack fidelity. New package offers fast question mark stabilization period, 10 μ S can achieve the 0.003% less than of ± of full scale limits, suit to support frequency wide larger dispatch number.

When other characteristic includes to switch on the mobile phone, output voltage replacement is 0, or it is to be set again be 0 voltage or intermediate voltage, so that support 2 or the complement of 2 outputs data format. These digital imitate converter still offer interface of SPI of 1 group of alignment.

Above component belongs to TI low voltage, only power source and super- low product line of jumpy converter of new-style number imitate, this series component accepts a base not only completely compatible, embedded still accurate voltage of 1 group of essence is referenced. These component can be in - 40 ℃ are mixed to limits of 105 ℃ temperature the operation below limits of 2.7-5.5V power source.

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