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How to choose a signal converter that accords with demand
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Before selection signal converter, you need to know the following problems.

1.Does signal converter come what?

The use environment according to you (industry, broadcast, university, specific market) , you may need a few additional function for example: Shrink put, control remotely,

SDI output, synchronous lock photograph, the adjustment of the size that outputs image and position.

2.The TV signal output of what type is OK join with my video equipment photograph?

Outputting signal type to your choice is very important. Equipment of TV formation of image accepts the TV signal of different type normally, for example: Compound video, S

Terminal, heft video (YUV) and RGB signal.


- signal stores quality is in S terminal (Y/C) as better as heft signal.

- compound video signal often uses the formation of a imagine at surveillant screen or low resolution image to go up.

- the best choice that SDI is broadcast environment.

3.What kind of input resolution needs to be changed?

Your computer (workstation, personal computer, malic machine) indication card can output proper resolution limits (from 640 × 480 to 1600 × 1280) , brush certainly

Lead the signal of limits and different RGB newly. Accordingly, do you know with respect to need current how much are the resolution of your computer or output line frequency? At the same time you also should affirm you plan

The output signal type that considers aircraft current (RGBHV, RGB/S or RGB SOG) .

Without seam switch implementRealized the choice between different computer signal and switch faultlessly, show on only indication facility (high-end spot, traffic and control room, command center is waited a moment) .

It also can realize the choice of computer signal and TV signal, switch, show on only indication facility (fast and concise A/V field work, government / restaurant / the application of church domain is waited a moment) .

Without seam switch implement it is the spot activity that also should be aimed at major (instant incident, arena, show is waited a moment) requirement, effect of a few visions adds between different signal source: Switch, fade fades, add the picture in showing caption, to erase, picture to wait a moment, and real time is finished.

One trueWithout seam switch implementIt is video signal / the switch of computer signal implement, and do not have any interference and frequency are missing. In addition, your input signal does not need to be locked up by synchronism, accordingly he has versatility. Product of wh some of which still can finish the mixture between different signal, fade fades to wait for a function with confluence. One is not had seam switch implement can all input signal (it is computer signal or TV signal no matter) the output signal that is changed into unified high resolution. Carry this kind of kind, output signal can be mixed very easily random is an independence, fast equipment of accommodative formation of a imagine (projector, plasma) compatible. The video that unified signal can make output image and you is umbriferous the resolution of equipment is concurrent.
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