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Acer is launching the desktop dual monitor DVI KVM Switch
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Leader in global digital information sharing - ATEN (ATEN International) today launched a new 2-port and 4-port USB 2.0 DVI KVMP ™ dual-display multi-computer switch, and further expansion of its Desktop KVM CubiQ ™ professional products line. CS1642/CS1644 Integration 2 / 4 port KVM switch with multiple computers 2 port USB 2.0 Hub, Dual Link supports two high-resolution displays for graphic designers, financial and health care professionals and gamers.

CS1642/CS1644 can help users through the USB keyboard by a group, USB mouse and two monitors the composition of the control side, access to 2 or 4 computer that supports dual monitors. The two new products are built-in 2-port USB 2.0 Hub, users can connect multiple computers to the KVM switch easily between computers to share USB interface device with the expansion. CS1642/CS1644 specifications and compatible with DVI HDCP, and support high video resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 (DVI Dual Link); by industry-leading Video DynaSync ™ display dynamic synchronous display technology to ensure the video resolution can automatically optimize .

Tenda Technology, general manager of Beijing Wang Lijun Xian is said: "The dual-display business environment in all types of usage has become increasingly common, and with the Office of the increasingly complex IT environment, the market for continued growth in demand for dual monitors. ATEN has launched a can support up to 4 dual-display computer's DVI KVMP ™ multi-computer switch, the integration of Dual Link DVI and Dual-View Dual monitor display technology, can fully satisfy most professional users and gamers with high standards for video quality requirements. In addition, CS1642 and CS1644 are built-in USB 2.0 Hub to share more interface devices, while supporting 2.1 surround sound, is a very good solution for multimedia applications in the desktop. "

CS1642/CS1644 new design of the control panel, which can effectively simplify the switching operation. Users can easily model by function (Mode) and the connection port (Port) button to switch the computer independently, USB interface devices and audio. In addition, LED light display panel contains images of different LED lights, can clearly display mode (computer, audio, and USB) and port status. CS1642 and CS1644 are independent switching with advanced patented technology, allows users to one of the computers by listening to music, while in another computer running the application, access to USB peripheral devices or video games.

Both new products are equipped with advanced keyboard and mouse signal simulation technology to ensure error-free booting and real-time device; and through the console mouse port emulation / bypass feature supports most of the mouse driver and multifunction mice. CS1642 and CS1644 compatible with all major operating systems, including Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Linux, Mac, Sun and FreeBSD, also do not need to install any additional software to operate.

CS1642/CS1644 available now listed For further product information, please ATEN official website: www.aten.com.cn.

Server monitoring key equipment - Multi Computer Switch (KVM Switch)

Multi-computer KVM Switch is an advanced hardware solution, is the key equipment of modern server monitoring, can help users by a single keyboard (Keyboard), monitors (Video) and mouse (Mouse) formed the control side, easily access and centralized management of up to thousands of computers. KVM switch for multi-computer group object covered SOHO, small and medium enterprises and even large multinational corporations. KVM switch for multi-enterprise computer room or data center space and the information environment to create the majority of the benefits, not only reduce energy consumption, saving rack space and room, but also to avoid the extra keyboard, monitor and mouse, caused by the clutter. Multiple computers through the KVM switch and control the centralized management of enterprise information workers can help significantly streamline workflow, enhanced business productivity. With the popularity of globalization and the trend of the network, with remote control function KVM over-IP solutions for enterprises more fully meet the demand for cross-room management.

About ATEN

ATEN (ATEN International) was founded in 1979, is a global digital information sharing, connection, switch one of the leading manufacturers. To "simplify, share technology" for business purposes, ATEN has been committed to providing customers with the most efficient, reliable connections and affinity programs to help businesses deal with computer and server upgrade management problems and meet business face of global competition demand. In addition to the professional multi-computer KVM switch, the ATEN also provided, including switch box, video splitter (video splitters), interface converter (interface converters), and other networking products and IEEE1394 connection and sharing program to assist different sizes and individuals to achieve better performance and more cost-effective digital information sharing, connecting and switching. ATEN headquartered in Taiwan, operating points throughout mainland China, Japan, Korea, Belgium, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, sales offices throughout the world.

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