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Experience Introduction Matrix Switcher application of knowledge and purchas
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Technology】 【IT168 matrix switcher for multiple audio / video terminal to send multiple video / audio information. Matrix switcher from the computer, camera, DVD machines to receive audio / video signal input and output is sent to a different terminal, such as projectors, monitors and multimedia codecs. Knowledge of matrix switcher Choose the right matrix switcher for a specific environment, to consider the following points: 1. Matrix switcher can be at any time to any output or multiple outputs to send any input. 2. According to different models of composite video matrix switcher can send audio and stereo audio (balanced / unbalanced). 3. Matrix switcher can accommodate a variety of signal types, however, the input signal type can only be a certain kind of signal sent to the output terminal type. In other words, composite video input can only be sent to the composite video output terminal. How to use the matrix switcher? Matrix switcher for the company to use the conference room where the troops, the control center, classrooms, restaurants, home theaters and video conference room. The following matrix switcher for use on the hotel example. Three audio / video information and audio information is a composite video input to the matrix switcher (SB-5548). All input will be sent to the connected with the matrix switcher displays one of eight or more, and audio systems. Hotel customers can watch the DVD-player two projectors video, and digital satellite systems through live TV area has also been sent. Audio system while playing music. Press the button, you can switch to different inputs to different outputs.
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