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Zhaoke 6464 launch of high-bandwidth multi-function digital matrix switcher
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Beijing Sunny Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Zhaoke two decades been committed to the display system of transmission, switching, control equipment development and production, technology has been a leader in the industry and keeping current with the latest international standards issued Development trends, continued to launch new products with high quality, successful creation of a number of industry first. Recently, Siu Division launched the company's leading high-bandwidth multi-function 64 × 64 digital matrix switcher is a high-definition, high resolution, flexible use of the matrix switcher. Modular design structure, plug-in replacement program Able in various types of input and output cards (DVI, fiber optic, HDMI, VGA) between any replacement, can be easily used in a variety of complex and flexible transmission control system. The overall use of plug-in device structure, configuration Ling Live, input / output interface can be any configuration, either that the optical interface can also DVI, also VGA, HDMI interface, combines many functions in one machine, the real digital signal, analog signal, the integrated high-definition video Combined switch control. 6464 multifunctional digital matrix switcher bandwidth of up to 450 MHz, providing high-quality image channels to provide higher quality picture clarity, perfect presentation of the image, easy high-definition image transmission scheme. LCD display with operating and switching state, the use of panel switch matrix switch operation can also be equipped with control software by random through RS-232 communication control matrix switch. Electronics stick trillion road of technological innovation, with our pursuit, our efforts to convince the whole world. We always adhere to the "win-win situation, continuous innovation" business philosophy, and "people-oriented, community services" Purpose of the struggle for the direction of the enterprise to build the world's flagship brand of display systems industry, the ultimate goal! Electronics trillion believe, I believe that national brands, and work Zhaoke, with the world!
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