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Hong Kong leading matrix switcher amazing Lightware
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Lightware headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, in the professional video market is a leading DVI matrix switchers and accessories manufacturers. Last year, the Infocomm China 2009 held in Beijing, the domestic audience for the first time to see the brand in Infocomm Asia 2010, held this year on, Lightware appearance again, expected to open and expand to better China and Asian markets. The exhibition, Lightware DVI and HDMI key figures exhibited proof switches, including MX16x16DVI-Pro matrix switcher, MX8x8DVI-Pro 8 × 8 and 8 × 4DVI matrix switcher, MX8x8DVI-DL 8 × 8 or 6 × 6 double-DVI matrix switcher, DA4-HDSDI 1 min 4SD/HD-SDI distribution amplifier, MX8x8HDSDI SD / HDSDI matrix switcher, EDID Manager Simulation and cable extender, MX4x4DVI-DL 4 × 4 DVI Matrix Switcher and other double products. It pjtime.com know, Lightware's goal is to recognize that the industry needs, and continuing with the integrators, rental presentation and technical personnel, design engineers ideas, expertise and performance to produce higher quality products. Lightware DVI matrix switching equipment, the expertise of the standard meter to break the DVI signal cable restrictions, EDID emulation management, PLL time base reconstruction signal. By RJ-45 LAN, RS232 Interface, RS422 control, fiber optic cables and power supply. Lightware of the world's leading digital high definition matrix for a variety of large venues, such as the U.S. Air Force and Navy, the European automotive and aircraft research and development center and an important demonstration of large display systems are used such products leasing, which are the highest in the world for quality, best performance, the most stable and reliable product representatives.
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