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IWILL Sheng time base correction matrix switcher technology introduced
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One. Ordinary principles of video matrix switch 1. Matrix then the blank screen televisions and projectors Most manufacturers sell the video matrix switcher, in use, the general matrix switch IC chip switch, the switch is turned on and off, tend to produce a standstill phenomenon, or produce switch delay action, which tends to make the video signal signal suddenly disappeared a few milliseconds, this time interval the line synchronized video signal will be lost, so that TV or projector to receive the sync signal disappears, make TV or projector to enter sleep state protection, then TV or projector to determine the end of the video signal, so that black screen to protect gun from damage. until another signal arrives, the line sync detector sync signal is detected, this will make TV or projector and then sync signal light proofing screen. Matrix makers in the development of video matrix, are used to do cross-switch matrix switcher integrated chip, although the switching speed of all the different manufacturers, but would suddenly interrupt the video signal, so that the line sync signal loss would make a lot of synchronization head, as long as the detector detects a dozen synchronization is lost, will be a protection signal to the TV or projector black screen, designed by different manufacturers, the effect is different, and some protection of poorly designed, will produce the screen jitter or flashing, and some jump-screen look, good protection design effect is a black screen immediately, wait a few seconds and then recover, so generally more obvious in the projector, the longest I've ever seen, 7 seconds, but I heard that 15 seconds to switch the blank screen. 2. To solve the method blank The special circumstances of the client, and some require a relatively high switching on the switch seamlessly, without jumping screen, no flicker, no black screen, and jitter. Such a request, the ordinary video matrix will be eliminated. To achieve the above functions, you must use the video stream encoding method, the analog video signals into digital signals, into the memory access, the access before the design of a digital matrix switch, switch the video signal when switching complete signal store them into memory and then use a decoder, the memory of the backlog of data with first in first out method of recall, restore normal video signal, so that disruption or loss of signal in the switch, the memory of the data has not yet taken finished, the output will always be to maintain smooth video, it will not be interrupted, when the signal came, the memory of the data will increase again, to deposit, so that has been running, interruption-free switching. The effect of memory access is like a tank, when the water flows, the pool is like memory, plus a top in the pool water tube, like the video signal input, an outlet under the sink, like the signal output, so whether you How many times the inlet fleeting pause, has been in the water tank will provide water outlet, water outlet remains the same tricks. This matrix design is more complex, you must increase the input of the signal encoding chips, but also added a number of sites in the switch chip digital switch, switch after adding memory chips, and do not decode, the control section to be included high single chip, which costs higher sales and the matrix is not large, annual sales volume is very low. General matrix manufacturers will not design and production. 3. Design Product Type IWILL Sheng Technology Company for customer use under the requirements of the development of products in this category, there are models 1U, 2U models, 3U models, 6U models, 8U models and 12U models. Features 1). Built-in time base corrector, digital switching, make the main broadcast channels no flicker, no static frame switching. 2.) Video decoder built-in 4-line adaptive comb filter, greatly enhance the brightness of the bandwidth (greater than 5.5MHZ), greatly reduce the bright crosstalk. 3.) Broadcast switching chips, switch completely to ensure that technical indicators. 4.) Unbalanced audio input and output. 5). Power-down memory function so that all the configuration parameters will not turn off the power is lost, the next boot, when the Quiche for automatically calls the previous configuration parameters, the setting of the working state. 6). A variety of signaling complex matrix, can be any type of signal output, independent or group to complete the output switch. 7.) Infrared remote control keyboard, you can complete the entire operation of the machine. 8.) Software can be implemented fast channel switching, channel switching control loop, channel switching control asynchronous timing synchronization, simple humanity. 9). This device has an external keyboard, keyboard, remote control devices can be realized, convenient and quick. 10). Products with RS232 and RS485 and RS422 control interface can be selected according to customer needs additional terminals to facilitate the implementation of the remote control, can support more than in the control device connected with a simple control protocol user installation. 11). Product interfaces with the network control module, remote control devices can be Ethernet, customers can modify TCP / IP addresses, user-friendly multi-point INTERNET remote control. 12.) Switch with LCD and LED digital display, all channel status screen displays, interactive easy and intuitive. Input signals from various quarters can conduct a comprehensive monitoring, to determine whether the information to monitor the input signal, to provide comprehensive management information system. Reduce operational blindness. 13). You can input signals from various quarters to conduct a comprehensive round robin monitoring cycle monitoring time is adjustable, easy to operate the system software to provide comprehensive management information. 14). Product design using high-bandwidth, compatibility, strong, support for HD signals, 480P, 720P, 1080P, 1080I, and high-definition formats. And to support all formats for all types of TV signals for all signal switching project. 15). The Company's products imported by the current mainstream chip interference, interference on the project for strong electric field the absorption of the project site for the complex, input and output signals of significantly improve the results. 16). The standard U-box design, high-grade aluminum chassis design framework to improve electronic shielding effect, the appearance of elegant style.
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