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General Intelligent KVM Switch letter to help you easily manage control
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Letter P Smart KVM switch, a lot of room office staff is the best partner, completely avoid the back and forth between different machines, just a keyboard, mouse, monitor multiple hosts can be easily operated, the current letter P 8 KVM Switches offer for 650 yuan business, interested friends may find out. In order to facilitate better observation operator status, the letter P KVM switch in the front set of 10 indicators, according to state instructions, etc., to determine the current work status. KVM switches provide the letter P 9 of the host interface (which can add 8 hosts), each divided into the interface (PS / 2 mouse and keyboard interfaces, VGA video interface), and can support multiple operating systems, but also with a keyboard , mouse simulation functions. Taking into account the process more convenient to use, but also support the host and the keyboard, monitor, mouse, hot-swap.
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