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ATEN understands thoroughly market demand
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As USB various goods comes out generally, people is higher and higher to periphery is being received to use requirement outside the USB of quick advantage, accordingly how USB peripheral equipment and KVM switch implement be united in wedlock, it is a new challenge. ATEN head spends the idea that advances KVMP(KVM Peripheral) , it is KVM switch namely implement outside the switch that reachs screen besides traditional clavier, mouse, still provided the function that USB peripheral equipment shares, can saying is to be KVM switch implement increased USB HUB, make USB periphery OK and direct be inserted in KVM switch implement on, along with insert use namely, share at each computer, need not bend a body to unplug at be being inserted on lead plane painfully circumjacent. Be in especially when dish, card reader, number rises gradually like the utilization rate such as machine, KVMP develops his the biggest advantage. From latter each KVM manufacturer also brings into KVMP norms the standard is deployed can be informed, ATEN understands thoroughly market ability and the technology that study development field is tasted, already made industry model.

The KVMP that ATEN rolls out, have the following distinguishing feature:

1.Have synchronism and asynchronous switch
2.Have cross platform compatibility
3.Support double norms (PS/2 and USB) interface
4.USB periphery shares port and clavier mouse to insert aperture depart to design

It is to be aimed at what function of a few characteristic undertakes above to explain further below:

1.Synchronism and asynchronous switch:

Refer to lower part attached drawing (same color, to come from the question mark) of same computer. Synchronous switch is traditional switch mode namely, also be current switch of the KVM on market implement the means that uses generally. Synchronous switch is switch namely when wait for periphery of screen of mouse of phonic source, clavier, USB question mark one case together switch goes; Asynchronous switch namely multiple division of labor, in periphery of screen of mouse of source of the news inside same time, clavier, USB but respective switch comes different lead plane, make transmit or print archives, broadcast music, computer to operate operation, need not successive is time-consuming await. Suit multimedia to make staff, with need often switch at the programming between each computer master. ATEN KVMP switch implement accomplish termless synchronism and asynchronous switch truly, make working efficiency effective flexibility allocation and promotion, the question mark that passes through ATEN patent emulates a technology, the common fault that makes question mark and question mark slight shock are not caught to be not stabilized between switch process is become absolutely noisy.

2.Cross platform compatibility:

At present so called support crosses platform much computer to change implement, it is to pass through USB interface namely (USB is supported by PC, MAC, Linux and Sun at the same time) will run, because of mark of this USB question deliver with differentiate, make test KVM switch implement run the first index that go up. Nowadays mouse and clavier sort and brand are numerous, the keyboard that all sorts of platform lead plane use and mouse are endless also and identical, the fast key of set of manufacturer proper motion and function key, more items is various. Switch of ATEN USB KVMP implement the logistic chip of built-in and exclusive development (ASIC) , the USB clavier mouse of compatible great majority, pass through the corresponding and fast key of decided at the higher level but not officially announced, MAC clavier can be used to go up on PC clavier special key, accomplish the much computer switch that crosses platform truly implement, and do not need to receive MAC again additionally to turn contact.
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