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Actor spy general releases stretcher of computer lead plane - UTP601KVMA
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KVMA is the abbreviate of Keybord Video Mouse Audio, it is assemble of clavier, mouse, video, frequency the computer periphery product to an equipment, also call interface of lead plane of stretcher of computer lead plane, computer to lengthen implement, computer lead plane is lengthened implement etc. Client self-help management waits in contemporary bank, telegraphic, bazaar, family, in how defending the system such as monitoring, long-range education, the signal that needs the VGA video a lead plane, frequency, mouse, clavier to wait peripheral a moment is divided into two groups to try to apply. Among them a group of signal are this locality that is in in lead plane, offer administrator of lead plane system to use; Another group can use actor spy general newest issuance product: UTP601KVMA.

Cent of UTP601KVMA of actor spy general is emitter and receiver two equipment, among them emitter is placed carry in lead plane, after accepting signal of the VGA that will be transmitted from lead plane, frequency, PS2 cent becomes two groups of different signal, one group provides signal of VGA, frequency for this locality, signal of mouse, clavier can pass USB mouth to be taken to computer lead plane directly, safeguard personnel to use to this locality; Another group to lengthen signal, signal of high-definition VGA signal, mouse, clavier, frequency passes output of 2 RJ45 interface, after the receiver in far end receives the signal that transmits to RJ45 interface, signal of video of VGA of new translate into, mouse, clavier, frequency, offer the personnel of far end to use.

Because UTP601KVMA receives facility far smaller than computer box, when be being decorated so concise and convenient, of computer medicinal powder hot, safety waits an advantage a moment very apparent, basically reflect in:

One, synergism

All lead plane all are put in the place of a safe independence, administrator should be in this one place to be able to defend about a hundred lead plane only when safeguard, work efficiency rises greatly. In safeguard, if discover some computer occurrence breakdown, want to get off this computer from frame only maintenance can, do business what won't affect the hall normally, to maintaining company image greatly advantageous. In the meantime, the box with gigantic figure was not put in the hall, managing the space of the hall, the hall can be designed compactly easy, the number size of hall also increases accordingly, house price is so high nowadays, every are managing the utilization rate that a square metre can raise fund effectively.

2, energy-saving

Today, any enterprise is accountability for energy-saving make contribution. Natural resources of effective and managing society, no matter still be large to enterprise itself good part to the society. Center all lead plane to one place through UTP601KVMA, can reduce the caloric in business hall to discharge greatly, to air conditioning " decrease negative " , in pull brake to be restricted report is very frequent Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong waits an area a moment, the sense is great.
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