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KVM switch implement technical character and its advantage
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KVM switching equipment receives clavier, video and mouse through be being connected directly (KVM) port, let you can be visited and control the computer. KVM technology need not target server is revised or software. This is meant can fall in the BIOS environment of Windows, visit target computer at any time. KVM is offerred true advocate board level visit, support much platform server and serial equipment.

KVM technology has made system of enterprise IT infrastructure management from original notional development. You can run software from Avocent DSView® 3 such onefold interface visits the server that is located in many long-range positions and facility directly. The much place trouble that solution of Avocent KVM Over IP already had Wu to be perfected fully now transfers a function, accord with new server to run a level (the direct interface of IPMI) , and this locality storage media map comes the function of long-range position.

Imitate KVM technology

System of imitate KVM switching equipment receives the clavier on aleatoric computer, video and mouse one after another continuously. It offers complete independence to install a system at the simple and easy Plug and Play of software and network operating system, make the user can undertake to much station computer real time is visited. Imitate KVM most the environment that applies to user and system to be in same position, it is the good technology that visits centralized much PC and much frame environment. Solution of Avocent imitate KVM includes SwitchView, AutoView and AMX KVM switching equipment.


KVM Over IP digitlizes clavier, video and mouse data, use data of KVM of IP technology shift. KVM Over IP receives the KVM signal that goes up to aleatoric computer one after another continuously, need not invade the computer, need not add software / hardware. This technology used existing network infrastructure, support this locality and long-range user. KVM Over IP works in different hardware environment, it is the good technology of center of data of administrative much location and branch office.

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