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ATEN rolls out 150 meters of KVM to lengthen implement upgrade edition CE-250A
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Taiwan ATEN is lengthened in 150 meters of KVM implement roll out on the foundation upgrade edition CE-250A will consolidate its are in the position inside the industry, enhance a product contend for force unexpectedly. Long-term since, because computer receives a direct current source outside upright need nearly, although it enhanced the n signal of KVM, but the cost that it raised a manufacturer on one hand, on the other hand, also make KVM signal is transmitted disturb somewhat.

Additional, current CE-250A also improved the plastic outer covering of former CE-250, make of the product come loose to heat up and fight stroke ability to promote again, applicable at more harsh industry environment.

The control end that CE250A is built-in PS/2 interface and ASIC technology chip is lengthened implement, the person that allow to use is able to carry from long-range control, access the device of systematic lead plane in order to join. Use at installation on, need continue wire to be able to be used only, need not additional tool or software.

Product characteristic:

Built-in dependability reachs the ASIC technology chip of compatibility beautiful high.
Support passes through line of Cat5 aether network, join is long-range with close end device, farthermost distance can amount to 150 meters.
Support double control to carry an operation, the person that use but close end of by means of and long-range PS/2 clavier and mouse, dominate end with monitor, accuse to run computer main engine.
Can choose to dominate end through key-press.
Carry monitor to support DDC2B function nearly.
Freeboard is video resolution - be as high as 1280*1024 @60Hz
Support the gyro wheel on Microsoft Intellimouse and most mouse
Question mark is automatic gain function - the self-correcting of far and near that is aimed at a distance inspects strength of message question mark
Built-in 8KV electrostatic discharge defends with 2KV dash forward wave protection
Carry plant nearly need not outside receive power source
Assist frame to secure

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