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Grand automatic science and technology rolls out innovation wireless brief syste
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Global number data shares lead firm – grand automatic science and technology (fictitious VNC control carries the KE8220 that ATEN International) announces to roll out product line of the ALTUSEN™ below a subject Yu Qi now, system of this one wireless brief can assist an enterprise to upgrade existing projector, build truly wireless the conference environment that change, simplify effectively at the same time the flow of much person brief. The PowerPoint archives that KE8220 can pass LAN, WAN or net border network visits long-range computer, chart or other brief data, with broadcasting the projector that carries at this locality or monitor immediately.

Much person inserts the efficiency; that unplugs monitor jumper or the brief data that upload long-range computer often can reduce the conference to undertake by turns grand fictitious VNC control carries the newest KE8220 that place of automatic science and technology rolls out the conference environment that can provide an innovation, the member that its can let many brief person not only passes the brief data in note computer wireless network to convey projector or monitor, long-range user also can pass LAN, WAN or net border network conveys immediately their brief picture, cast off the limitation of the distance thoroughly. In addition, KE8220 also is offerred child mother picture function, brief person reach the brief data that can be watched at the same time with conference personnel and accesses different computer.

ATEN be on sale popularizes department manager Zhang Ziji to express: " KE8220 is one holds an innovation, efficient, wireless brief system that reachs safety concurrently, its can show some projector conformity with the enterprise, upgrade easily conference environment and character. What KE8220 place offers is wireless function of as long-range as the network brief, apply to the wireless conference environment of enterprise interior, or be those who cross area to undertake is far be apart from education and conference. "

KE8220 but will on the desk model or screen of the projector that picture of data of brief of etc of the PowerPoint archives in jotter, chart conveys to have standard VGA interface, liquid crystal, monitor or other show equipment, support SXGA resolution (1280 X 1024@60Hz) . KE8220 gets stuck through USB wireless network, supportable 802.11b/g is wireless transmit, speed is as high as 54Mbps, its support at the same time 64, 128, reach 256 WEP to add close function, with protecting brief data effectively.

Executive archives of ALTUSEN VNC software can download from KE8220 directly, do not require any installation processes. Every person that enlist the brief report of the conference needs to press a mouse only, can instantly switch arrives different computer. KE8220 support static state and trends (DHCP) network configuration, because this applies to any network environments. In addition, KE8220 also is offerred search for function and the user interface of a variety of languages automatically, can simplify further brief flow.
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