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Avocent company announced to roll out a few days ago use at Emerge ECMS4000 to expand implement manage with Emerge DM2000 desktop implement the digital KVM of the product and system of USB matrix exchange. Now, emerge product is familial the exchange that can edit atelier to supply equipment of interface of equipment of storage of video of frequency, number, high capacity and USB man-machine for high-definition clear video and patulous system, those who realize pivotal business workstation is strategical deploy. Had these top-ranking digital KVM matrix to exchange a product, client not only can will important equipment peacefully park computer room, those who carry equipment is cool with cleanness, also need not fear equipment can be disturbed by physics, still can prevent equipment to download redundant software. These products are a foundation with structure of switching equipment of thousand aether network, engineer, stylist and supportive staff can visit computer natural resources at any time according to need. With the editor the system undertakes interacting in the environment of crucial seeing and hearing that graph and sound editor can edit atelier in its, supportive engineer need not leave desk to be able to undertake administrative a visit directly to the system, very convenience.

"Avocent goes in IT and the foremost row with AV integrated technology, we believe, new the system of exchange of digital KVM matrix that roll out will make broadcast the new high-definition system that cause client can manage better and uses them. " Avocent senior vice president holds say of general manager Mitch Friend concurrently. "In addition, our digital matrix product has very big flexibility, atelier can add user or server according to need, and the switching equipment that need not buy fixed bulk. And the switching equipment that need not buy fixed bulk..

Desktop of Avocent Emerge DM2000 manages implement can manage centrally and control Emerge ECMS4000 to expand implement emitter and receiver, make its become high-powered controlled AV the end points of infrastructure. Pass this kind of solution, media major personage can broadcast to pivotal business and system of editor of the later period video that make undertakes KVM is visited commutative. Avocent ECMS4000 is patulous implement manage with DM2000 desktop implement the patulous technology that the product optimizes with thousand aether net and height is a foundation, can realize superior picture quality, the DVI graph resolution that double head outputs is as high as 1920x1200, can offer USB 2.0 super- fast answer speed. Do any node that can Emerge ECMS4000 product be an user to go up in thousand TCP/IP network offer perfect table computer to experience? ECMS4000 is patulous implement the requirement that satisfied current figure content to make professional public figure, brought video of DVI of high resolution number, rich colour deepness for them not only, exceed frequency of quality of fast responsibility, CD, still as can compatible as a variety of USB interface equipment, meanwhile the maintenance that crucial task system also can get security and management.
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