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American ROSE
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Systematic UltraMatrix 4xE offers switch of American ROSE KVM to connect in KVM implement the technology with technical newest respect, hold price dominant position. 4xE allows will 2 cover or the clavier of above, monitor and mouse receive stage or 16 8 computers repeatedly, can expand at most 1000 computers.

The 4x8 in the series of UltraMatrix 4xE, 4x16, 1x8, reach the product such as 1x16 to be able to be used in personal computer to also can be used in many workstation already. UltraMatrix 4xE reduced the confused, cost that saved physical space and reduced equipment and power supply. Use advanced visible interface to configure UltraMatrix 4xE, name the computer, choice the computer and the join state of indication computer. .

UltraMatrix 4xE is used have link with bus line means, form without seam with true can upgrade KVM array. Design of advanced distributed UltraMatrix 4xE uses technology of network news report to reduce expenditure, eliminate sheet to nod breakdown and increase dependability.

Condition of the monitor join of this locality, safe, fast memory, system and the characteristic of a lot of other ensured UltraMatrix will simplify your data center or server computer room.

It is good that * has powerful, patulous property and low cost
* is modular the design makes UltraMatrix 4xE is installed easily, expand and safeguard
The safe system that * contains user identifying ID, countersign and list of user general situation stopped the configuration that is not accredit and visit
Does * use UltraCable? The super cabled yarn that can be used at be as long as 100 feet manages
The resolution of * monitor can amount to 1280 × 1024
* is advanced can inspect interface (AVI) monitor uses friendly clew information to hint to you connective condition
The AVI of * multiligualism -- English, French, German, spanish, Italian, Portuguese
* condition screen showed power source of an a seesaw pattern news report, join, computer and other information
The characteristic of structure of the buy before * allows to be able to undertake installing when shutting a server
* is in switch implement on the KVM equipment that adds outfit this locality can join 4 over user
The FLASH with free and lifetime * upgrades make its can undertake with newest computer equipment compatible

The model UltraMatrix 4xE of UltraMatrix can provide a variety of model. Have fixed configuration means and inside buy type is patulous card. Among them 4x8, reach 4x16 to be able to let 4 users receive 8-16 station computer repeatedly, 1x8 and 1x16 can let 4 users receive 8-16 station repeatedly or more computers can increase another user to join to every UltraMatrix 4xE. These additional users can get information to also can get information from other computer on this locality computer. Use optional is patulous card, 4xE switching equipment can let 4 users join reach 1000 computers.
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