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Datcent (heart dispatch) obtain Avocent
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The Avocent Asia-Pacific area that concluded a few days ago on annual meeting of the 5th agent, datcent (heart dispatch) win Avocent Asia-Pacific division again top prize: Avocent Asia-Pacific area is optimal outstanding achievement award (TOP REVENUE ACHIEVER) .

The agent of Asia-Pacific of many 20 AVOCENT that comes from 10 many countries or area attended this second meeting, avocent Asia-Pacific area obtained outstanding performance through development outstanding achievement of a few years, datcent (heart dispatch) be in as Avocent of the Asia one of the mainest partners are in China professional all the time promotion Avocent product and solution, datcent (heart dispatch) behave in AVOCENT Asia-Pacific outstanding achievement since acting AVOCENT product reached a solution 2003 outstanding all the time, be awarded every year by Avocent with commend.

Datcent (heart dispatch) brief introduction:

Limited company of system of heart dispatch network (Datcent Network System Co. , since Ltd) held water 2003 oneself, dedicated all the time at data center (IDC) applied solution of management, cautious and conscientious offers data center to manage service and relevant product for broad user. Expand through development of a few years, heart dispatch already became home's famous data center to manage a solution to serve business and product supplier, be in in succession Beijing, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Chongqing, Zhengzhou, Changsha big in the city creates branch, agency, the broad user that is countrywide all trades and professions provides active, effective, fast service.

Additional, heart dispatch is American Avocent company is in China the total agent of the first formal authorization, it is one of partners with Avocent Asia the mainest area all the time.

AVOCENT brief introduction:

Avocent is industry data center, small and medium sized business and branch office the whole world of solution of IT infrastructure government is banner supplier. Have rich experience of more than 20 years, roll out ceaselessly abound the product of innovation spirit, undertook the strategy a few times buy. The fixed position of the company is to become advanced number, embedded, wireless precede with mobile technology international supplier.

United States of Avocent headquarters locate Yalabama city of Er of dimension of Ci of city go smoothly, the sale that has many 1800 employee and oneself in world each district, operation and center of research and development. Avocent stock appears on the market in NASDAQ stock market, trade code is AVCT.

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