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Cody the switch of video technology company implement develop a condition
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At present switch of the matrix on the market implement requirement of each industry technology has each different, with respect to industry of seeing and hearing word is right matrix switch implement technical index is higher still. The company is in Cody main train of thought is on product development " line of the products much, quality good, norms complete, benefit at after service " .

Considering the interest of broad agency, compositive business and terminal client, the company rolls out Cody from 2 × 512 × of 1 ~ the matrix switch of nearly 1000 kinds of norms of 512 implement, convenient and compositive business is unified purchase. In large and medium-sized matrix switch implement in Cody is used " statified transmit, modular construction of type of design, flashboard, double power source heats up backup " design construction, this kind of structure can support a variety of signal formats to comprise much format matrix, reduced the interference between signal passageway, but electrified insert unplug circuit board and power source, great and convenient compositive business safeguards maintenance.

Cody switch implement newest function shows particular system in the following respects:

1, supportive signal sort is much, interface is advanced

Matrix uses Cody the circuitry with the most advanced international designs a structure, all sorts of signal are statified transmit, highest can divide 8, matrix interior can transmit frequency of signal of VGA(RGBHV) signal, compound video, YUV, YC signal, stereo to wait for a variety of signal at the same time. Can use a variety of terminal such as terminal of 15HDF, 5BNC, S, BNC terminal according to user demand video, frequency uses 3PIN (3 upright line ball) terminal, balance, blame balance is transmitted all but.

2, modular construction of type of design, flashboard

Independence takes a line between circuit board, choose an entrance high grade yuan of parts of an apparatus, segregation is spent tall, have extremely strong fight the ability that string together faze; All circuit inside the system board all support heat to insert unplug, when safeguarding, need only what have a problem circuit board is taken out change can, safeguard for the system brought go to the lavatory greatly, guaranteed a system compositive business is in the beauty in client heart praise degree, and the structural characteristic of flashboard type, still make Cody the dimensions of matrix from 16 × the 16 spread that have random are allowed, can come most 512 × 512.

3, double power source heats up backup

Power source of switch of hot backup unifinication is used entirely inside systematic box, two power source board inside box work at the same time, each other is hot backup. When among them when component of a power source malfunctions, another each is moved assume whole job, those who make sure the system moves is successional, raised systematic dependability.
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