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DT group and yuan road science and technology undertakes with respect to multime
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Day Korea MAX DIGITAL (abbreviation MDT) group company CEO Eul-Jung, mr Kim cooperates with Hun-Sik of senior technology engineer, a 3 people are opposite Xiang Hui of manager of office of delegate of China of group of Mr Kim, MDT the banner leaves area of China of range of products of matrix of world-renowned brand INNEX total representative Shanghai yuan limited company of science and technology of road information system undertook business affairs is visited, yuan general manager of road science and technology Mr Cao Dongsheng, chief engineer Mr Wu Chen smooth and relevant personnel undertook be receptioned enthusiasticly to guest.

Mr Kim introduced the MDT group technology breakthrough in multimedia matrix respect and investment and development state of affairs, the fundamental condition that Caodong promoted general manager to introduce yuan of road science and technology and the case that extend product of INNEX multimedia matrix in home reach strategy. What both sides still is aimed at chinese mainland market with respect to the product is perfect, improve, the problem such as promotion of after service, market undertook be discussinged deep.

In by a definite date business affairs of 3 days talks in, everybody to confidence of Chinese market full, mr KIM speaks very highly of yuan of road science and technology to INNEX product efforts and contribution, get applied adequately in many world-class project.

Korea MDT group regards a professional research and development as the company, had developed products of a lot of industry of high-tech news news report, be like multimedia matrix switch implement, the product such as converter of frequency of alloter, signal. MDT group with " MAX V " : The greatest effort, highest technology, maximum production, most sale, first-class service is a target, try hard for domain of communication of information of base oneself upon, personnel of the research and development in this company staff is occupied 15% , technical personnel is occupied 70% . At present the INNEX matrix product below MDT group division already made one of lead products of professional A/V industry.

System of matrix of major of Korea INNEX series is had in course of study of person of the same trade quite tall famous degree, be in short-term inside have particular market to have rate. INNEX series product, be applied to all trades and professions, if multimedia report teachs assembly room of department, multimedia, public broadcasting, media to reveal,wait for a circumstance, the client includes orgnaization of universities and colleges, government, army, broadcasting television, communal medium, professional acoustics to wait.

Company of Korea MDT group is already successful in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, chinese mainland and other places sets a branch or the delegate is in.
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