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CREATOR is one of professional matrix manufacturers with domestic dimensions and the largest amount of produce and sale, on high-end matrix production, it is domestic head home can be produced more pass 450M (- 3dB) the professional manufacturer of the 64 series of above bandwidth attestation and matrix of 128 series RGB. RGB64 series and 128 series, also be classics of experience of group of CREATOR research and development 3 years, the basis is many and extensive project uses the data of the respect, revolutionary promotion is made on craft, structure and function, make this series product precedes continuously at the congener RGB matrix with common other.

Well-known, with medium or small matrix photograph is compared, twice land increases the development difficulty that 450M(-3dB) above brings bounty RGB matrix high. Above all, when large matrix compose is built, mean should use more kernel IC and relevant cell, should take up more PCB board area, want to employ more PCB ply, between the more IC that should use connect a line, want to waste more electric energy, want to produce more heat energy, want to face more hot stable problems.

Graph one: Center of CREATOR research and development pursues 2: Matrix project group

In the meantime, large matrix can ask to face the challenge that uses below more complex application circumstance necessarily, if use power supply of complex redundant three-phase alternating current, signal irritated much, transmission road span of long, line is big wait, also want to consider the cascade with all sorts of relevant interface equipment, if 5 kinds of lines are transmitted implement, fiber-optic transmit implement, long term driver, times line implement wait for correlation to use, what and should consider all sorts of terminal show equipment is completely compatible wait for a problem. And this this equipment standards, function is differ, the likelihood is professional equipment, also may be " have Chinese distinguishing feature, the requirement has exceed ability of function of strong error correction to apply " equipment.

Eliminate equipment is compatible outside the requirement that go up, consider construction issue even. Choose large matrix, because signal source is overmuch,often be, need alternate switch. So, transmission line material is much also, cause construction difficulty to increase, and of construction technology and wire choose, make show the effect has major effect actually.
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