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Because of major, succeed so -- Dalian matrix ISChina happy event obtains Cody b
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ISChina is exhibited can move this year division Beijing got more attention, the person is enraged also all the more exuberant, the results that each ginseng exhibits business to be met to exhibiting is very satisfactory. Having " matrix expert " the Dalian of good name Cody is to attend ISCchina first, depending on outstanding structure and performance dominant position, they are complete the matrix product of series gets numerous attention, exhibit be fond of during the meeting reap a bumper harvest, with Cody the person's word says: "Because we are professional, we are so successful " .

Be located in B house B83 to exhibit Dalian the company comes Cody for years dedicated from beginning to end the development at matrix product and application, its product standards complete, dimensions big, structure advanced, technology is banner, earned " matrix expert " beautiful praise. Exhibit this meeting, cody revealed Dalian to include matrix of much format of matrix of 128 large imitate, 32 RGB matrix and much money inside a few matrix, cody the product is particular before flashboard type construction, heat backs up configuration of double power source won authority all the time reputably, among them Kdv2100 synchronous switch implement what what show is true without shake, drew numerous attention look without aglimmer switch effect, be called this second exhibit a window of the meeting. Exhibit during the meeting Cody and much home company reached Dalian cooperative intent, come back with fruitful results of it may be said, believe to borrowing exhibit meeting the east wind of make a great coup, cody can finish Dalian certainly the long-cherished wish of the world brand that they make China.

About Dalian Cody -- of China " matrix expert "

Dalian Cody the company is home's banner signal switch and transmission product supplier, come for years dedicated all the time the research and development at matrix product and application, holding the dominant position with lead technology all the time, with much place home famous university collaboration has product research and development, own multinomial technology patent at the same time, it is home is the most dedicated " matrix expert " .

The product is maintaining Cody dimensions the characteristic with the biggest, the fullest standards, matrix dimensions can achieve 512 × greatly most 512, the product involves AV seeing and hearing (multimedia is umbriferous, big screen shows, video conference, multimedia report teachs etc) , broadcasting television, how to prevent the domain such as monitoring, main product includes imitate to inspect frequency matrix (compound, heft of Y/C, YUV, odd track, stereo) , matrix of broadband computer video (RGBHV, matrix of VGA) , number (SDI, DVI, product of mixture matrix of signal of HDMI) , much format, interface (the allocation of imitate and digital signal, changeover, drive) wait for 18 series a variety of 1500 norms products, the oldest rate covered all demand of the client, with outstanding major and earn in the round " matrix expert " beautiful praise.
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