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Remain essentially the same despite all apparent changes
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Nowadays, digitlization, network, high-definition changing already was not fresh topic, the relevant product of each manufacturer also matures gradually. In the time that technology of this praise highly innovates, is conventional equipment manufacturer how to search what new innovation nods? Roughly but reduce two kinds of means:

It is technical conformity, appeared to cross the technical conformity of a variety of new media platform, this also is one when from this year NAB obtains is experienced, also can say a trend that is technical development. Each manufacturer is making TV signal collect, make, memory, broadcast, solution of transmission much format all fronts, provide platform of unified surveillance, control management. In last few years the enterprise is bought also very be current, harris (Harris) buys Leitch, Thomson (Thomson) buys flying benefit riverside in succession (ministry of Philip) major video, careless Gu Ji is round (Grass Valley Group) and Thals, the purpose no more than that buys has two: Outspread, integrated, can extend product line through be being bought, offer all fronts solution, this also is a of technical conformity trend outstanding performance.

2 it is each manufacturer is on base of original equipment product, use new technology to replace a product type and increase new range of products.

Visit NAB this, we undertake making an on-the-spot investigation to matrix mainly.

Tall bandwidth

As TV of European high definition (HDTV) beamed develops, each manufacturer also rolls out the tall bandwidth product that place of format of standard of OK and contented 1080p HDTV asks in effort. The broadband matrix that so we say is to show bandwidth achieves 1.5Gb/s, and the matrix that bandwidth achieves 3Gb/s now just says to go up true broadband matrix. Input end undertakes balanced processing to signal, output end undertakes clock retexture to signal, want to have the capacity that processes 3Gb/s signal. The first when this the produces integrated circuit of professional video equipment technically Gennum company on NAB released it accords with SMPTE424M standard (this standard is being made in) 3Gb/s SDI chip, Ⅲ of chip set HD-LINXTM includes GS2974, GS2975, GS2978, they are balanced processing circuit, clock retexture circuit and cable drive to handle circuit respectively. The physical layer interface that signal of supportable 1080p 50/60 HD transmits the device that uses this kind of chip, be down the transmission of compatible HD-SDI and SD-SDI signal at the same time. GS2975 chip can undertake balanced processing to signal of 2.97Gb/s, 1.485Gb/s, 270Mb/s, when GS2974 and GS2975 are used at the same time, if use Belden 1694A cable, 2.97Gb/s signal can transmit signal of 100m, 1.485Gb/s to be able to transmit 200m. Can see, because used HD-LINXTM III to handle chip, make the processing that relevant product supports 3Gb/s SDI signal not only, and the processing performance that can improve pair of 1.5Gb/s signal, if shake power comsumption of processing, return loss, power source. Processing of 3Gb/s video signal applies to the transmission of 1080p HD signal not only, and can use at a lot of tall bandwidth application, be like 3D HDTV, number cinema, high-definition slow-motion etc.
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