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Consolidate imitate, expand a number
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The research and development that million division pursues showing switch equipment and production already had history of 14 years, it is home is engaged in big screen the earliest the enterprise of the control of umbriferous indication system, switch and the research and development that signal handles equipment and production. Regard matrix as the pioneer of the industry, million division carries all fronts product to appear on IS China 2007. We are in product of understanding million division while, also with general manager of employment of million division constant Zhao is born with first matrix switch implement development direction and prospective trend undertook communicating, it is detailed visit record below:

Umbriferous period net: Zhao Zong, hello! Very glad to can be in today China International is compositive exhibit switch of matrix of million division whole set sees on the meeting implement, alloter, transmit implement, converter product, occupying us to know million family is to attend IS China to exhibit first meeting, so above all excuse me Zhao Zongru why look upon IS China?

Zhao Zong: We take seriously very much compositive equipment and technology postpone China International seeing and hearing, this is can very good reveal million division advanced matrix switch kind the optimal arena of the product, the person that look around today is very much also, compositive business and industry user adjust a lot of systems our signal processing equipment behaved great interest.

Umbriferous period net: We see your product line is very complete, what average user cares most is to be tasted newly, ask Zhao Zong to tell us you are in so this second the product that what newest innovation brought on the meeting to exhibit?

Zhao Zong: Digital product is brand-new domain, the firm that has digital product at present is not much, and million division this second exhibit can bring DVI series product, include 8*8DVI matrix switch implement, the DVI of 50 meters of distances is long term the DVI of 500 meters of driver, distances is fiber-optic transmit implement, the product such as 1*4DVI alloter, DVI and VGA converter, these products are in at present the whole world is in lead position.

Umbriferous period net: Very amazed see million division brought this for us the DVI number product with a series of lead international, speak of DVI equipment, do I want to ask you to talk how the application of product of look upon DVI and development?

Zhao Zong: Although majority AV project is at present medium,of application still is imitate matrix switch implement, but DVI is trend of a development for certain, at present the part begins to use DVI interface in small-sized AV project, future can have more circumstance use DVI product, million division electron also saw this kind develops a tendency, rolled out set number product in time. Although DVI product has a lot of advantages, but it is in impossibly also short-term inside replace imitate facility completely, basically still give priority to with imitate equipment at present. So we the product development strategy this year is " consolidate imitate, expand a number "
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