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Professional matrix switch
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Dalian nimble is become is the manufacturer that major of wide report domain makes matrix switch equipment, this year, dalian nimble enters industry of professional seeing and hearing into the wide report dominant position with old nip. There is the firm of rich experience in wide cable industry as, with what kind of advantage and strategy will enter industry of professional seeing and hearing? What will she bring us? " professional seeing and hearing " the form that the magazine becomes Zhou Rongxin of sale chief inspector with nimble of special interview Dalian gives you the answer.

One Dalian nimble is become there are 15 histories in matrix domain

Dalian nimble Cheng Zicheng stands begin, come 15 years dedicated all the time mix at switch of matrix, signal allocate a domain, product line included wide report all signal formats, wait to HD from imitate, heft, HDI, from 4 × the small matrix of 4 arrives 512 × 512 big matrix, the product is very all ready. So far, already more than 300 thousand products serve at ending from which the stage reachs every county city the branch of wide cable TV of the stage. Matrix is used in broadcasting television industry inside this category, shipment is measured (the passageway counts dimensions) rank the world 10 strong.

Dalian nimble is become is a maturity, dovish factory, have the plant of whole manufacturing management system, to be being opened outside domestic traveling trader. Come 15 years, dalian nimble is become do matrix only all the time, the Five-Year Plan with new plant can hold to original direction to continue to step down, the target is to should make the best product on the world.
In market of domestic seeing and hearing, matrix product wants an external form not only good, function is strong, and have very good after service even. Zhou Rongxin says: Dalian nimble is become is a when put forward the earliest 3 years to guarantee in home, also be a manufacturer that builds major the earliest to the technology supports and maintain a troop, this our platform is in Beijing, this lets we serve effectively for the client. Although matrix is in in system of whole seeing and hearing, its value and proportion are not the biggest, but the core that it is a system however, it is alternant center of the system. Zhou Rongxin expresses: We understand the effect since matrix place deeply, consequently, dalian nimble becomes a service to mention a very tall category.

Compositive business wants 2 systems as powerful as the product firm that has actual strength powerful combination

"AV industry is a rising market, the history is not long, it is a market that progress as science and technology and appears, this market pass away the sham as the genuine. " Zhou Rongxin says, "Above all, this market is normative without the country still. Next, the systematic equipment that the client faces is too too much, miscellaneous, not know what to do, consequently the product of this industry is recommended with project business give priority to. Regard a system as compositive business, still need a mind which perceives both past and future sign bead, more from responsible to the user angle, choose dependable, reliable product and partner. Choose dependable, reliable product and partner..
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