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Pass through ISC2007
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IS China 2007 has rung down the curtain satisfactorily at was in Beijing a few days ago, by a definite date compositive equipment postpones seeing and hearing of 3 extremely big screen, to seeing and hearing and electronic communication system are a major international grand meeting for the manufacturer of compositive equipment line of business, a lot of big screen show system and relevant equipment manufacturer all hope to come here fully grand meeting lets more person understanding be joined in succession exhibit appear. In exhibit on the meeting, also be moved to mesa by the behind the curtain as the matrix system that has the effect such as switch and control to the information such as image, in exhibit the importance that it confirms to people again on the meeting.

Large change measure to accelerate

Borrowing " restful city " and " Beijing Olympic Games " spring breeze, matrix forward the way that large way develops also it may be said is downwind downstream 128, 256, 512... wait for large matrix system to be in exhibit in the meeting ablaze all the more.

Exhibit in IS China in, CREATOR exhibited to exceed system of large RGB128x128 matrix switch to the audience, CREATOR128 series is large matrix, use minute of box type design, r, G, B, H, V and design of frequency cent casing, system of independent power source, independent switch, in a large number of signal exchange is reached prevent to string together faze respect, have quite good effect, design train of thought is mature.

Product of CREATOR matrix switch is revealed

Nimble relied on sexual matrix to use total position to heat up equipment technology into GALAXY large Gao Ke, not just power source, control plate can realize redundant hot backup, still can realize crossing at the same time board with crossing control circuit 100% redundant heat back up, realized total position of large matrix system to heat up backup first in home, make security raised approximately ideal level, rival foreign well-known trademark completely.

As supervisory system increasingly giant, matrix system also gradually forward large the way that change develops, upgrade ceaselessly on systematic a movement in martial arts not only, the density of stand-alone also is being increased ceaselessly, with before matrix of monitoring of video of big inside story needs ten even photograph of a few box is compared, need a few box only now OK, for but reduced integral cost, and with reduced the cable of the wire that connect a line among substantially, also had in setting and process designing respect substantially decrease change. Reduced breakdown hidden trouble to improve moving efficiency of the system, shortened the cycle that project installation debugs.
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