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The applied trend of equipment of 2007 matrix switch and development tide
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Matrix system is to show, the current key position that demonstrates signal, the effect of a connecting link between the preceding and the following is having in the system, the core that can saying is whole system, " cerebrum " . 2007, as " high-definition Olympic Games " " restful city " and the nation is numerous and large install those who prevent a project to appear, monitoring cloth nods increase, to manufacturer of production of equipment of broad matrix switch, this is once in a blue moon good luck, be called have most " latent capacity " the market, but people also raised taller requirement to the switch of the information such as monitoring image, control, matrix system also faces new issue. In good luck and challenge before, the product of matrix switch equipment develops what kind ofly, how is manufacturer of matrix switch equipment to go to those who be opposite answering?

Matrix is in large develop steadily on the way that change

Matrix system is divided commonly big, medium, small 3 sort, general video input calls small-sized matrix below in 64, 64 to 128 call medium-sized matrix, of 128 above call large matrix.

The systematic project nowadays, already not was in former days that trifling road or more than 100 a few video, as people safety consciousness rise ceaselessly, systematic dimensions also giant with each passing day. A common intelligent edifice, its monitoring amount can achieve 200 above already; And supervisory system of public security road, have the video of 400 above, belong to see more. Intelligent city municipal establishment, large company / factory / the large system project such as jail, freeway is just as each to grow medium life style, update ceaselessly, expand ceaselessly, perfect ceaselessly with maturity. Driving matrix system to be gone to gradually large the development on the way that change. Current, numerous matrix produced manufacturer to roll out the matrix system of big inside story, 1024, 2048, 4096, a movement in martial arts is in upgrade ceaselessly.
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