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Creator Zhou Hui: The success is by what be accumulated everyday and become
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The fixed position of ego, decided way. And management, it is a plan whether the safeguard that carries out smoothly. Both supplement each other, it is the successful element with modern essential industry.

2001, systematic PC-4000 is controlled in the center of the multimedia that CREATOR rolls out means of completely two-way control in home above all, advance two-way control idea above all, broke before the state that one-way control means cannot master control result. A milepost of the industry accuses in becoming.

2002, CREATOR rolls out the first but process designing is wireless feeling screen Touch-Mini, the user can edit feeling screen interface and function at will through software. Broke country but process designing touchs screen by the situation of foreign brand forestall. Uptodate, CREATOR is in respect of technology of wireless feeling screen, hold lead dominant position all the time.

2002, of domestic initiate systematic CR-PGM-I can be controlled in the center of process designing, roll out at the same time, no matter CR-PGM-I is mixed from design concept technology, make the product of sell like hot cakes that the market dominates in at that time, make card of home made product accused a product to hold position in high end.

2003, switch of matrix of CREATOR high-powered RGB implement research and development is successful. The matrix product of this high starting point, make CREATOR matrix product makes the famous brand of AV industry.

Namely such, count year of time only, CREATOR from an unknown to public in charge a manufacturer, grow for home top class professional AV enterprise. And everything like this miracle, want to be attributed to a company to lead the right company fixed position of the layer; Be located in the market the international market surely, make the technology of the enterprise and service all maintain height to agree with international top class enterprise. And inside this, lead dominant position of the technology, it is the mainest factor with successful CREATOR.

Professional AV is not common civil product, the leader layer of CREATOR is very clear, if cannot break through the technical camp inside the domain quite, everything what they do in the market can be an illusion only. So, no matter total income how, CREATOR is met every year business accrual 20% investment arrive among research and development of new product technology; Of blood of with one one's heart of their bad news built the center of product research and development that dimensions has most inside the industry, introduce the professional of large quantities of hi-tech, acquired advanced experiment and testing instrument.

You are in progress while adversary also is in progress, the research and development that relies on oneself solely so is no good, to can narrow as soon as possible the technical gap with adversary, CREATOR returns with the whole world each famous chip manufacturer is like: AnalogDevices, motorola, samsung, ALTERA establish partner relationship, although this among them hardships is not person place path, but factual proof, CREATOR succeeded!
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