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Large matrix EXCEED6000
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Recently, dalian nimble becomes frequency of news of victory to pass, the EXCEED6000 RGBHV large matrix that the company produces, be used extensively by army, and in use, with its stability and tall bandwidth get general reputably.

EXCEED6000 is the VGA large matrix that Dalian nimble develops into company newest development, use BNC to output interface for the input, be aimed at system of switch of signal of type of large VGA heft technically to undertake optimizing designing, have high capacity, the characteristic of high density.

It is used " bit " type is modular design and entrance receive plug-in unit to join in order to achieve tall target of module of each signal processing, group of professional power source and advanced air channel design the design experience of matrix of major of more than 10 years of wide report and the tall reliable and redundant form with wide report standard, the stability that assured a system works. Besides the switch that supports VGA signal, large matrix still supports EXCEED set standard colour television is compound video, heft video signal.

EXCEED series is one is accorded with contemporary the matrix of the most advanced heft formula switch with prospective demand, will be in henceforth army, medical treatment, how to prevent, an industry such as education be sure to be popularized extensively.

Item characteristics

  • But the metallic box that frame installs, the structure is compact, 19 inches wide, interior is modular design, style of around flashboard type, facilitate safeguard
  • Bit type is modular design: Type of the flashboard after all active module all uses designs a style: Type of the flashboard after input output is used designs a style, every input outputs module to be 32 at most, can expand neatly according to need dimensions: The user makes any altered cases in incorrect box, what can realize pair of equipment through adding the method of input, output board only is online upgrade to be allowed with enlarge, agile around flashboard dialed a technology to also be offerred for the user online safeguard green passageway
  • Power source of heavy Yu Shi, heavy Yu Shi controls module and independent switch module, ensure Gao Ke relies on a gender
  • Supportive VGA format the image video signal of a variety of resolution, colour television of complete also support is compound at the same time signal of signal and heft
  • The double switch with switch peculiar board advocate / control a system fully, can undertake the hand is moved / automatic rearrange, the regular job that assures a system and stable
  • Control means is used remote face plate is controlled or the computer is controlled remotely, support many computers, face plate of many remote control is controlled to many matrix, make EXCEED matrix realizes network control truly, the user can control signal remotely to change conveniently
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