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In training a center to use nimble to accuse in the round, boreal empty logistic
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On January 2, 2008, on edge of Beijing sweet hill, the logistics of Beijing air force of new completion trains a center (namely Beijing west hill army money hostel) , use CREATIVE in the round---Nimble accuses in accuse, equipment of matrix a complete set of.

Big assembly room controls a principle to pursue

In logistics of Beijing air force training center congress is discussed indoor, CREATIVE---Nimble accuses in accuse, matrix system needs high speed of projector, dynamoelectric to SANYO project hanger and screen, SONY to photograph like ball, color the equipment such as plasma of two or so hemisphere, 50 inches of Panasonic and hard disk videocorder undertakes intelligence turns control. Use a requirement according to the user -- ― control rises should resemble the simple principle like camera of goofy type number, we as far as possible much set out from use angle, prevented complex operation as far as possible, change brief for 0, completed this project project satisfactorily thereby.

The little assembly room in devising plan dominates principle picture

This project nimble accused to have deep-seated collaboration with project business, from plan spot of design, survey arrives all the time construction entering the arena, last delivery Party A is checked and accept use, nimble accuses technical application ministry to have all-around support, do one's best is accomplished perfect. We hope to cooperate through this, while to the project business brings profit and reputation, also can raise CREATIVE---Nimble accuses a brand to be in the beauty in project business and user memory praise degree.

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