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Million scientific research makes matrix of interface of successful MT-4832MFI c
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Million division rolls out matrix of interface of signal of complete function computer recently, apply control a system at many large lead, gained satisfactory success. Of this matrix an innovation that roll out and applying successfully is matrix construction system, offerred a very agile and efficient solution for project application.

Traditional computer signal matrix is classified according to interface type. Computer signal matrix has 5BNC interface matrix, VGA interface matrix, reticle interface matrix normally, appeared again in recent years DVI matrix. When project business is undertaking the project is designed, can choose a kind in these 4 kinds of matrix only. And project application is complex and changeful, especially large indication system, diversification of transmission means requirement, all sorts of interface appear possibly, this increased difficulty to engineering design. Architect can according to the project main demand, choose the matrix of form of a kind of interface, to different interface signal, must adopt interface to change equipment, converter of such as VGA-5BNBC, VGA-CAT5 converter, VGA-DVI converter is waited a moment. Of these equipment receive raised cost on one hand, create a system on the other hand join relation is complex, malfunctioning odds increases, systematic dependability is reduced.

Whether have a kind of matrix, can solve completely as compatible as all sorts of signal interface problem, matrix of interface of million division complete function solved this one problem thoroughly. Matrix of interface of alleged complete function, it is the each input that points to matrix and output interface form can choose according to needing random. The interface of matrix is one can insert the module that unplug, module sort is all ready, have reticle of VGA module, 5BNC module, CAT5() module, DVI module. The architect can choose different module according to needing random, comprise the matrix that oneself need. The matrix that be combined from this and becomes is a complete function matrix that has a variety of interface.

The model of matrix of complete function interface that rolls out this is MT-4832MFI. Have 48 inputs, 32 output, box height 13U, see a picture 1. Matrix interface board have input and output two kinds, input board is mixed output board all has VGA interface of interface board, 5BNC board, CAT5(reticle) interface of interface board, DVI board, see a picture 2. Next plan development go fiber-optic interface board, abound perfect interface type further. Matrix interface is adopted modular design, can heat up insert unplug, interface board can choose configuration according to demand random, the matrix that combines from this is a complete function matrix that has a variety of interface, exchange a center for signal with complete function matrix, can form to hold the VGA cable, computer RGB that transcends a variety of transmission line such as cable of cable of 5 kinds of reticle, 5BNC, DVI, cable concurrently signal transmits commutative system.
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