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Limited company of technology of electron of course of study of constant of Beijing million division is major is engaged in big screen the high-tech business that control of umbriferous indication system, switch and development of equipment of video signal processing produce. It is the pioneer that home develops device of interface of high resolution graph. From abroad big screen projector enters Chinese market to begin, the company devotes oneself to to develop to it the alloter of signal of graph of high resolution computer of form a complete set, switch implement, matrix switch implement wait for peripheral equipment of of all kinds system.

All previous classics more than 10 years, ceaseless innovation develops technology of million division electron, the product is mixed soundly ceaselessly newer, on the foundation that accumulates old scientific research to develop experience, develop a seriation to inspect frequency signal to allocate processing system of signal of switch equipment, graph, concentration to control a system again then. The advanced technique is company base oneself upon this, million family company is enriched ceaselessly expand team of research and development, in order to assure the technical standard with banner industry, development gives the new product that gets used to market demand, be maintained to be Beijing by Beijing committee of science and technology company of new and high technology. Through the effort with company old and indefatigable faculty, the product already formed 12 old series more than 200 kinds of products, and almost month in and month out gives new product, research and development and actual application photograph are united in wedlock, demand of follow closely market, science and technology is banner, make the domestic senior brand that force has most inside the industry -- million division electron.

Million division electron regards the lifeline of the enterprise as product quality, grip is not put. Product quality insists to guard a pass from fountainhead, course of yuan of chooses manufacturer of parts of an apparatus is layer upon layer choose, a lot of yuan of uses parts of an apparatus are an entrance science of; of parts of an apparatus supervises production, undertake strictly examining by quality standard, perfect detect method, assure to leave factory product percent of pass. The product of such production, through total bureau of TV of national broadcast film metric check center reachs broadcasting television the 2nd academy is opposite group of industry of Chinese spaceflight family 203 times sampling observation sample had tightened inspection, detect entirely eligible. 2003, limited company of technology of electron of course of study of constant of Beijing million division passed attestation of system of ISO-9001/2000 international quality successfully. In quality management systematic assurance falls, the product quality of million division got rising further. Weigh quality, achieve be as good as one's word praise, the consciousness that starts a brand is firm in the thought of employee take root.
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