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CREATOR attends ISE successfully
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Europe's largest professional system is compositive exhibit meeting ISE 2008 this year in January 29 hold in Holand Amsterdam to 31. Exhibit this can achieve historical ginseng to extend a number most, extend the record with house the largest area. CREATOR attends ISE again this year, showed newest research and development to what the person that each country calls in succeeds not only advocate promote a product, it is the model that established the person that Chinese AV industry precedes more.

Exhibit this meeting, CREATOR rolled out high-definition matrix, screen of two-way and wireless feeling, the meeting of demand of contented and different class condemns the simultaneous interpretation system with unit and new more professional generation, it is the CAT5 network controller that multimedia classroom designs only. These products all get of client of European each country mix reputably the person of the same trade's attention, many clients express to be willing to build collaboration to concern with CREATOR.

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