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CREATOR is quick 10 years of celebration are held ceremoniously
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On January 29, 2008, guangzhou day praise achieve limited company of tall electron science and technology to establish celebration 10 years to be held ceremoniously in hotel of cereal of Fosan Nanhai butterfly. Celebration activity by athletics match, acknowledge 3 parts form late banquet and celebration evening party. Zhou Hui of general manager of limited company of acoustics of car of flying song of gentleman of arms of general manager the Kingdom of Wei and Guangzhou and company collectivity are led and staff played this second celebration activity.

To 2007 from 1997 CREATOR experienced harships course of 10 years, time of 10 years was accomplished today's brilliant, teach from first report accuse in product, multimedia, matrix system arrives conference system, be mingled with of all without exception is worn the effort of CREATOR person, hardships and persistence. Gentleman of arms of company general manager the Kingdom of Wei held water 10 years to do deep summary with respect to CREATOR, grow to what CREATOR did not come the resolution that reachs development international market to express palpability to surely win and confidence. General manager of limited company of acoustics of car of Guangzhou flying song Mr Zhou Hui also published ebullient address, besides express congratulation beyond, sale did the reachs future now market that week general manager is pair of CREATOR more to turn over thorough and detailed analysis, make all attendant colleagues are benefited blame is shallow. In the meantime, the company offerred affirmation to obtain outstanding achievement and the outstanding stuff that make crackajack contribution nearly one year, give commend award.

The program that CREATOR person performs oneself through be being made up oneself, the hardships course that developed CREATOR10 the year's harvest to grow and CREATOR person are looked into to what happiness did not come, further the elite group that showed CREATOR has to be full of passion, believe regular meeting CREATOR what will build tomorrow is more prosperous.

Gentleman of arms of general manager the Kingdom of Wei delivers a speech

Deng Huanlin general manager (right) issue letter for preeminent group

Spot of 10 years of evening parties

10 years extend mobile collectivity group photo

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