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Dalian nimble is become carry a banner to issue whole set product to appear on C
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CCBN- - the exhibition of broadcast movie and TV with Asia-Pacific area the largest scale, 21-23 day was held ceremoniously in Beijing in March.

Dalian nimble is become, exhibit can medium grand opera every year, also as agreed upon and to.

Enter 5 houses, carry the eye saw marked " Dalian nimble is become- - yesterday, with matrix casting with respect to the brand; Today, gain the market with the brand " .

Regard course of study of one's own profession as the medium person that precede, brand that has major force, the product that nimble becomes and technology especially the front row that matrix walks along in the industry from beginning to end. This second exhibit meeting, dalian nimble is become, to everybody the personage inside course of study exhibited the high-end product of a series of oneself research and development, rolled out a lot of series to be tasted newly. Board card of matrix series, I-MOD, interior communicates is (PARTYLINE) , ; Signal happening (the product such as BG-100, PANDORA) and BOX is become in Dalian nimble exhibit a Jing to admire appear, too many things to see letting a person.

Yesterday, with matrix casting with respect to the brand

The research and development of the circumjacent product such as matrix and production devote oneself to all the time since Dalian nimble holds water 15 years into the company. Already formed HD/SD at present, SDI, AES/EBU, CVBS, auto, the signal such as 422/232 allocates, the format changes series product. In matrix respect, HD/SD, 256*256 matrix already checked through wide report total bureau, already had Galaxy at present, XD, m- Plus, 3 series 400 many breed, dimensions arrives from 4*4 256*256. The market of I-mod alloter series is had rate achieve 72% , it is the established famous brand inside course of study, cover HD, SDI, AES/EBU, CVBS, auto, 422/232, HD15, RGBHV, DV, all signal format such as HDMI.

Innovation of strict and serious, technology, meticulous service, good public praise... , come 15 years, nimble adult work steadily, became Dalian victory into casting the top-ranking brand in matrix industry.

Today, gain the market with the brand

"Thick accumulate thin hair "- - people is commonly used this idiom comes him encourage. Dalian nimble is become also accomplished.

The with 15 years time that Dalian nimble becomes diligent and conscientious stabilizes him the top-ranking position in the industry. Act on nimble to become " rigorous, be realistic, innovation " concept, dalian nimble is become continueing oneself development direction, hope taller direction goes.
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